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well, it's finally done. 2 months $8k later.

ok here's what i've had done.

removed chrome rocker covers and replaced with gloss black.

timer cover, primary cover, fork sliders, engine crash bar, hiway peg supports, trasmission cover,  are all gloss black from chrome.

put black powder coated heat shields, tru dual reinhart headers on. 4" reinhart chrome mufflers with black tail caps.

and added  the power comander 3 to suside the heat issue i was having with stock headers. dynoed at 14/5 ratio and the readout said was even accross the board. and yes this thing flies. great responce.

added the windvest windshield. not the air splitter - but still has that upward facing lip. i choose this because you can still have windshield pouches or bags. with the airsplitter you can not.

and i embroidered the word kryptonite in the tour pack back rest and the green lantern logo under it.   Yes i did my own work on the embroidery. just had an upolsterer sew leather back and restaple.

when the sun comes out i will post better pics. but it was cloudy and i was excited to ride again....... 25 degs out, WHEW what a ride.

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