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Lean angle -Drag bits

I currently own a 2013 V star 950.  I find that i often drag the floorboards, especially when riding 2 up.

I've read this is one of the worst bikes/cruisers for lean angle and people tend to drag boards quite a bit.

I'm looking at upgrading to potentially a 2018 Kawasaki Voyager 1700.  Now can i expect better lean angle?  I don't see any ratings on this

The ground clerance on V star is apparently 5.7 inches vs 5.3 inches on Voyager???  Would that not indicate less lean angle on Voyager?

Not that i'm trying to rip through the corners, but driving through small towns and traffic circles, i scrape a lot compared to my riding companions on their harleys, honda Shadow.  I follow same line and lean a bit into corner



You need to check the pre-load on the rear shock and front fork condition.
Let us know what you find.

I'm not sure this answered my question. I was asking for info on a 2018 Voyager 1700 compared to what i have.

And..... I don't see anything in manual about adjusting the front shocks...

Sorry 'bout that. Okay, lean angle is a basket of snakes. Static lean angle means tilting the bike over until something touches while standing still. Dynamic or Moving lean angle is determined using mathematical formulas which factor in width, height, speed, traction and more.
Most manufacturers don't post figures for it as the rider plays a large part. Instead, take a test ride.
As to adjusting the front forks, lots of bikes can only be adjusted by changing the springs and sometimes, fork oil.

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