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Learn about Suspension and Lowering Kits

Suspension & Lowering Kits

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Kyle Bradshaw of Cruiser Customizing teams up with Chucky Fryman of Barons Custom Accessories to talk about motorcycle lowering kits from Barons as well as LA Choppers and discuss answers the following questions: 
- What are the common reasons for lowering a bike?
- What kit is the best kit? 
- What should I expect from a lowered bike?
- How simple / difficult is the installation?
- Thank you for watching. 

See You Sunday at 6pm Pacific! 
- Kyle & Chucky



Great idea for a seminar. Even though my bike is as low as it can go without jeopardizing the handling I'd like to attend as a refresher,,the 300 bucks would be real nice, It'd almost take care of my ailing tire

Let the tyres down .....
Drink more beer .........
Ride with a pillion passenger.
Eat a lot, get fatter ....
Stick smaller wheels on it ...
Tie a sandbag to the tank ...
All of the above .........

Lowered mine by fitting Progressive spring's to the front & sliding the fork tube's 1 inch up through the triple trees, Then fitting 1 inch lower progressive shock's to the back, worked a treat, & handle's better, the reason i slide the fork tube's up 1 inch, instead of lower spring's is, you still get the full travel of the fork's & the comfort...

K, I'm going to sign up and see if I can get out of work an hour early to make it in time...

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