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Leave of Absence

Often people need to travel for extended periods, are ill and cannot get online or one of many other reasons. I have noticed at times people start discussions "where is XXXX" . It may be useful to have a function similar to outlooks "out of office" function as part of our profile. If there were some standard absence reasons included such as:
On holidays / vacation
Recovery in from illness
Computer problems
Sick of everyone, need a break
That sort of thing, then people can see the status and understand why soemone is not responding / posting.




Good Idea. Where do you come up with these great Idea's Norm? I bet it is Trish telling you Smiley-wink

I cannot tell a lie, I steal my good ideas. Actually i had just closed off my outlook out of office and it reminded me that this function would have been handy for me travelling this last 5-6 weeks.

Great idea Norm

Add one more category please..."not enough hours in the day!"


Don't forget " Mad at the spouse, kicked the dog on the way out the door because he pissed in my boot and I'm headed for the open road for a while."

The line Dozer wrote got to B in it for sure!!! LOL!

If they include this option / suggestion they could include an option to put anything your hear desires, within reason.

Always wihin reason Norm! Lol!

Man... the title "My Time is Up" worried me a little! I thought "I hope it's only time on CCC and not the TIME...." Not that I want you off CCC but I'd rather that as option one over option two...

"Gone crAzy If I'm not back in 6 months, just wait longer!"

Terry, you said that 6 months ago.....

Great minds.

Hi Norman,
maybe we can combine it with the "ride status" idea?

Yep, Just a few more options for reasons and maybe the ability to include a return date from holidays [vacation] illness etc. It may reduce the "where is" or what has happened to" type posts.

I like to let people know when I'm not they can come and rob me.......Now, I need to change my home town on my profile. lol

Now where exactly do you live Al? Hehehe. One more category, I'm at work on the RailRoad.

Chris... I'm just near you... well I will be after I look up your details and edit mine. lol

That could work well. Good idea.

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