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LED Passing Lamp Replacements for vstar 1100 or roadstar

I am trying to find a LED replacement for my sealed beam Passing Lamps.  The connection is just two wires which screw on Sealed beam bulb.  I am seeing if anyone has done this and can tell me which one they used.  There is a big nut in the housing which I fear will interfere with the LED I am zeroing in on.  Here is what I am looking at:

There fitment chart say it wont fit, but passing lamps are not stock on vstars, its an accessory.  If any Vstar or Roadstar riders have found the answer, please share.





I'd also like to know if anybody has done this.
I have these on my wish list. I wrote down what I'd like to have on a check list.
The question is if they would fit on the lightbar with out changes.

Truck_Lite- - has a line of LED headlamp and spotlamp bulbs. The part number for the spotlamps is 80275 and the LED headlamp is 27270C. The spotlamp units have a shallower housing than the ones on Ebay, and have a three year warranty which is much better than any bargain Ebay seller will give. I'm not a big fan of bargains when it comes to safety items such as lighting. Drew, you didn't mention if your spotlamps are the factory ones or are aftermarket so I can't accurately comment on fitment. But the good news, is that you could get them at any auto parts store that carries Truck-Lite products and so you can see them and measure them. Incidentally, these are the very same LED lamps that Kuryakyn sells - they don't manufacture them - Truck-Lite manufactures them for Kuryakyn! They will be much cheaper at the auto parts store. Good luck.

Thank you, Gracielou.

Have you tried the 80275? They still have 1.85 inch deep which I am about to go measure against the nut for interference. A little pricey at $86 a bulb.

I found these which look to have a room to fit. I am still researching but these look pretty good. 27-40 Watts Although I there is an error in the discription. Are these LED or Hologen.

Isn't the bulb a H3 in the oem passing light? If that's the case then wouldn't it be relatively easy to find a good H3 led bulb? I came across this
which leads me to believe its so. I have this on my bike and it mentions using H3 bulbs in the passing lights and a H4 in the headlight.

No I will post picture of bulb and socket. I think my solution will be to go to ACE hardware and replace the large nut inside the case with a smaller one. I need to disassemble to see if the Nut really has to be so big.

Some of the bulbs I've looked at give you adapters, or a direct cut and splice. You probably have hologen bulbs on your passing lights, I have sealed beam. None of those links you gave are for LED lights.

I think I am going to get the ones I originally looked at and hope they fit. If not I'll replace the bolt with a smaller one if I can. These guys have 2200 LM so they should be bright enough. I'll use their adapter and soldier past the end of adapter wires to my contacts, should be no cutting of wire involved.

$39 for two bulbs sounds reasonable to me.

AH HA! If you look at the ebay page, the first bikes listed are Harley EL models. My Initials are EL. What's the Nickname for the EL? Knucklehead! That explains everything.

Edwin, at one point, Yamaha (Star) offered a choice between H3 halogen and sealed beam in the factory lamps. The one challenge with changing out the H3 halogen with a generic LED substitute is that (and I know that you know this!) LEDs are directional in the way they emit light and the reflectors in standard lamps are designed for typical bulbs which emit light in all directions. The problem is exacerbated with the number of cheap LEDs that have flooded the market. I recently replaced the 1156 bulbs in my John Deere 580 tractor with LED replacements which were about $25 each. They are much brighter but are limited by the design of the headlight reflectors. I'm not too worried though since I installed a set of Rigid Industries LED work lamps overhead so I have plenty of light at night. I researched a lot of LED lights and have found that while many replacement bulbs may be bright, they may not necessarily throw a good beam or flood pattern which is why I prefer to stick with a replacement unit that is designed from the start to be LED with a reflector designed accordingly.

Drew, I have not yet tried the Truck-Lite bulbs because I wasn't planning on keeping the Vstar and didn't want to sink that money into a bike I would be getting rid of. Now that I've upgraded , new lighting is on my "to do list." When I take the plunge I will post the results.

Updated? You have a new bike? Tell me more.

LED Headlights w/ Reflector all in one.

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