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Light Bar add on

Hello to all. I am a new member of the forum. Looking forward to sharing info with other 1100 custom owners. Here is my first question. I am looking for ideas to add a light bar to my 2001 1100 custom. With my fairing, what type of light bar would be easiest to add on? I am looking for new or used. Also, perhaps there are add on side lights to attach to the fork area that make it look like 3 lights going across. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Affordable websites is acceptable to share. Thanks and God Bless!



Could you post a picture of the front of your bike so we can see the fairing? Are you wanting a light bar with spotlights?
You can buy clamp on fork mounts with or without lights.

I am open to adding a light bar or I do like the idea of just adding clamp on spots either one will work but the quicker way would be best in my opinion . How do I add a picture into my reply comment? I'm using my smart phone thanks

put your bike on youtube and post the link

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