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Light Bar for Stratoliner

I ride a 2009 Yamaha Stratoliner and have been thinking on adding a lightbar. Am leaning toward the Yamaha Star lightbar; since the switch housing is already on the bike. My question is for any "Strato" riders who have had the before mentioned lightbar installed on thier ride. Is the switch housing already wired so the lightbars wiring is just pluged into it. Or will I end up with extra wires running from the "L-bar" up the handlebar; to the switchbox? I know Yamaha recommends a "qaulified tech" at your local dealership install the lights. I know this is probably just another way for them to make an "extra buck". God knows they are making some off the price of the lightbar! Or is it because of the pre-wiring? I've installed a "Cobra" lightbar on the bike I had before the "Strat". It wasn't any "big deal", but I just dont want extra wires running up & down those "big sweeping" bars that a Stratoliner has. I already have wires from my speakers, volume contol, & 12V accesories plug. Am just wanting to keep a clean look.Wink  Any input would be appreciated.
Chris, aka "Madcow"Tongue Out




HI. The install is plug and play. All the wiring is in the headlite bucket. Once you get the lite out look just behind the plastic protective cover . They left enough room for working and extra wiring if needed.

HI. The wire code are Blue / black tracer and Green / Blue tracer and a white connector I think. This is a two pin connector in the head lite bucket.

Thanks again Wayne, it seems like everytime I'm in a bind, your right there with the answers.

Anytime Chris. I have done lots of mods and repair work on my strat. Nothing very serious yet. I did replace the rear wheel bearing and spacer set at 40,000 miles. Good thing I did it was starting to spall ( wear out the bearing & spacer) . So after the 4th set of tires you might want to look at the wheel bearings. You'll have the tire off any way. It easy . Have a great week..

There is a great write up about the install at includes photos and what not to do's. I do recommend not using the wire harness provided and switch to a blade fuse set up. The install isn't too bad.
ride safe...

I finally broke down and got the Star light bar. Thanks Strats for the install link, but since the bike is going in for the 20K service I'm letting my "Strat Pit Crew" at the dealer do the install. I'm a "chicken-S#!+". to do myself. LOL

Nothing wrong with letting someone else cuss at the You'll like the lights when driving at night.
Made a difference for me...

Jeff, just picked up my bike from the shop. The lamps look like they have a low/high beam. But they both light up when I flip the light switch. Is this right; or did my "pit crew" let me down. Look great and work fine other than that....

They both should come on together. If the lites seem HI/LO then maybe you might want to adjust the angle at which they are aimed. I have had to adjust mine several times, seems that they just seem to move a bit. I have home built dr lites. I used the existing wriing harness that Yahama had in the head lite bucket. I installed a relay so not to have too much amperage running throught the switch.

Thanks Wayne, it just looked like the passing lights had a HI/LO beam since there were 2 bulbs of different size and candle watt power in each headlight. The angle is good, so my "dealer pit crew" knew what they were doing. They also let me know I might start thinking about a new battery, since mine is 3 yrs old. And running the passing lights plus auxiliary LED lights draws more juice. Bike is starting Ok, but testing a little weak. Also need to start thinking about a new set of rubber. Am seeing overtime in my future.....LOL . I'll get the battery at batteries plus" , the tires on the other hand I'll buy through my dealer. They can't be beat on tire prices, usually 1/2 what you pay through "CC" or other places, but they will "rape" you on the install. Guess I should break down and learn how to do tire change myself.

That's great. The tire deal it just the opposite here. I get better deals from or or than anyone around here. The Yahama dealer will mount and dismount,blance for 22$ regardless where you bought the tires. You might want to think about a jell filled battery for your strat. The one I got was 50$ cheeper than the lead acid one and smaller with more amperage. My battery was 4+ years old and still chekced out OK. I have a load tester amps and voltage. I replaced it just cause it was over 4yrs old.
I would not worrie about the draw on your system cause the strat has a very good system. Yahama built is a 30% safety margin. It will allow alot more wattage than a Honda or Suzuki. I have lots of lites and LEDs on mine and have never had any issues with the charging system. I do check it once and awhile.
I have a tire changer and it is still a hassel. That is why I give my tires to the Yahama guys for now.
Well have a great 4th.

Thanks for the info Wayne, I think Team Yamaha was just trying to get a few extra dollars out of me. As for my dealer $60 for the front $80 for the back. I think that's why the tires are so cheap. They will mount & balance a tire for $25 if you bring in just rim/tire. Wonder if "Tire Barn" mounts motorcycle tires? Will have to check into jell filled battery later. Mine is just 3yrs old & have never had any problems with it. And I forgot to mention, dropped the bike off the night before they did service. My wife got called at 9AM and told when they opened up the shop found all my LED's flashing & they didn't know how to shut them off. They thought it was some sort of anti-theft system and was afraid to disconnect the battery thinking it could cause damage. She had no ideal other then it was in a key fob. (remote control). Guess it took them awhile to figure out how to open the sliding cover on the key fob my key was attached to! LOL. Talk at ya later, and hope you and the family have a great 4th as well....

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