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A little break....

For those who are wondering why I haven't been on the site for a while. I'm taking a little break for personal reasons. Don't worry I'll be back. Thanks for your concerns.


29 Comments have an ego the size of Canada! What makes you think anyone missed you? Lol. Take care man. If you don't visit too much in the next weeks, have a great Christmas and a safe new year.

Take care Bill. Talk to you soon

Hope you're back soon Bill
Take care

Hope all goes well for you. Take care of yourself and come back soon.

Watch out Val I think his heading your way to take you out for dinner. Might be worth waiting for. LOL.
Take care Bill and stay safe. See you soon.

Well if he is I hope he likes good old fashioned red meat. I don't do that health food stuff...

I'm with you Valerie. Meat and potatoes

Maybe I should clean out a space in the garage for his bike just in case he shows up for Christmas dinner... It's a bit cool here at 60F but a whole bunch better than Canada

Thinking of You BIll!

Take care my friend!

Bill, my Ol mate, I haven't been here much to miss you on here. That being said I miss being on here and hopefully will get some time soon with the holidays starting next week

Take care of yourself Bill!

Take care Bill ... lots of good people sending you good wishes .

Thanks for the kind wishes. I hope to be back soon. Merry Christmas to all.

Bill keep an eye out in your mailbox something is coming

Merry Christmas to you Bill

Hope everything is okay Bill.... take care and look forward to seeing you back

...I miss you Bill ... (sniff sniff )

Thanks people.

Take care and be safe. Happy Holidays

Wishing you all the best in whatever it takes to get you back into it. Going to miss you for the time being. Watch out for that mailbox thing from Dennis. It could be a puppy from Phil or maybe it was Al. I can't remember which was going to send you a puppy.

Hey .... how about we ALL send Bill a Puppy .... for christmas, you know ?

Lol. He could start his own pound

They should be sled dog puppies

Yes! He could have a whole team

Then he would never have an excuse that he couldn't get to work because of the snow.

Good point

Personal Reasons Bill? What's her name?

Hehehe, hope you are doing well...

bill take care of your self,diet is the most important
hope to hear from you soon

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