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Livewire goes live.


Very interesting articles.

I like the look of the livewire and I can understand that its the way of the future , but will I be able to let go of my fish tail pipes , and the rumble and bulk of my electra glide ? Probably not until they legislate petrol off the road .

Need to calculate the number of solar panels needed to charge the battery. If used around town, you could run fuel free and use the savings toward paying down the cost. Just saying, lol.

I like the idea of an electric motor and understand all the great things about them , but , to me a bike is much more than transport , they are a big part of my life I like the noise and vibration , gear changing and maintaining , I cant imagine not having to do all that . I suppose in the end we wont have much choice if fuel as we know it is not available to us common folk . I suppose hydrogen might be an alternative , that or I fill my saddle bags with batteries ,lol , oh and something to make the bike shake .

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