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logo for the saddlemen

I'm no good a drawing, but wanted to put this out there for a logo, always liked the picture by Dave Mann "Gost rider", thought something along that line would be cool




I just uploaded a logo - see tribe page. Not very good. Has anyone got any thoughts on this? If we get a decent one I can get some patches made up. Its a cowboy and an Indian motorcycle.

I too like the "Ghost Rider" by David Mann. I think the cowboy/Indian is a good logo and on the right track. Although it's not that important, is there is a way through Microsoft "Paint" program or other program to put the motorcycle in front of the rider making it more compact for a patch? Anyway, I sure like the effort someone put into this. Thanks...

I actually,used paint to put this together. I'm not very good at this graphic stuff and when I tried to put the bike in front it did not look toog good, hence the end image. Anyone with skills is encouraged to come up with a better option which should not be too hard.

I like it and will be gone at work soon. So you have my thanks and a yea vote. I like the cowboy and Indian good combo.

I have the perfect idea, but may have possible copywright issues with it. What I would like is a horse front in running position, transitioning into a motorcycle rear with a cowboy rider. Found the exact image of this but has dirtcheapnovelties stamped over it.

We will wait with bated breath.

see photo sketch I posted

Haven't been on in quite awhile and then today saw the great new tribe. The logo ideas are great since I think my ex has the perfect tattoo of what your ideas depict. Beautiful front half of horse changing into a bike with a rider. I'll look for a pic and see if I can get it posted. Horses and Horses the only way to go. What a great new Tribe. Glad you thought of it.


Please post when you find it as we are close to deciding on which logo to go with, also join the tribe.


Dang, I've turned the place upside down and darned if I can find the pictures of the tattoo/logo idea. Ex's tattoo is really good to. Dog gone it. Sorry bout that but the idea you've got going is pretty good. the tat is just a bit more elongated. Horse is leaner, more stretched out along with bike being more stretched, chopper type. Oh well, can't find it so no matter. You've got a good idea going anyway. Smiley-laughing

If you find it later Jude, and we go with the patch, we can always look at creation #2. One for the front of the vest and one for the back. This is close, but not final as of yet.

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