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Lone Star Rally

Is anyone around me going to the Lone Star Rally? I will be heading out on the 1st if anyone would like to ride together



I would if I could.... Enjoy your ride!

I'm a American Legion Rider 658, we was at the Long Star Rally as well. The American Legion Rider 658 is going to your home town of Converse. At the ALR 245 Seguin Texas Nut Run. I was 1st Place for Cruisers for showing off ( I guess case I do it so well ). If your a Veteran that may work out for you as well. We ride, I'm a Iron Butt Rider. We just got back from a road trip of 1850 miles to Crosby, 2 days before Hurricane Harvey hit.

David. I'm not American Legion, but I do understand iron butt. I have put on some miles in my day as well. The nut run is on a Sat. I work on Saturdays sorry

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