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Looking for input

Ok for those who live in the east I am looking for input. I am considering ridding east in august. The Blue Ridge Parkway I am told is very nice with lots of historic stuff to see. I have looked at Google maps and I dont see any road numbers to follow.. If anyone is familler with the area I sure could use some tips on how to find and follow this thing.



Depending on when and where you end up doing this trip maybe some of us east coasters can get together with ya

That would be great!!! I tentatively am looking at July 30 to Aug 10 for my vacation so I will be in that area Aug 1-7. I am looking at getting on the Blue Ridge Parkway at 441 in North Carolina and following it North till I run out of time and have to start home. If I am lucky and have time I would like to go up Skyline Drive into the Shenandoah National Park. I think it would be a great ride. What I read about the area is great and the farthest I have been up in that area is the Dragon. I would like to see more of the eastern part of the country

Hey Valerie ... I can’t comment about route numbers and such but I can say that my ride from Robbinsville NC to Gettysburg PA via the Blue Ridge Parkway was fantastic ... and yes I also did the detour to ride Skyline Drive. It was, altogether, a memorable trip ... beautiful roads and landscapes. I also enjoyed mooching around the Gettysburg historical sites.

fantastic Peter Smiley-laughing that's what I want to do

Gettysburg is a really cool area. A lot of history there

I believe that, but just too far for the time frame I have

Valerie ... Hagar and I liked the BRP so much that we rode back to NC the same way !! And yes, the Shenandoah Valley was (and I assume still is ... lol) stunning.

Now that says a lot Peter
Toasted the clutch out of a 2 1/2 ton GMC going up Black Mountain pulling a 39 foot goose-neck loaded with orchard mowers.

That's a fantastic link. Thank you Edwin

Sure wish I could join you, but the Eureka Springs trip will be enough for me. Funds wise just finally semi getting caught up from last summer and paying off Beka's surgery bill. Thankfully it worked and she is back to normal.

I'm glad Becca's good would be nice to have the company but I sure understand

Maybe trumps new tax plan will make me rich. Rotflmao and crying st the same time

Okay when you get your windfall remember to share

Randy ... as it happens, I was just reading an article on that subject. The USA’s top three billionaires have more wealth than 50% of the US population (160 + million people). If they get through Congress, Donald Trump’s tax reforms will enhance the wealth of the top 1% of the population but do nothing for those 160 million people. All is well with the world.

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