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Looking for Local Members to Ride with?

You now have the option find local members to go on rides with.
On the "Members" tab just click "Meet Local Members" and filter the list by members looking for:

-Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
-Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
-Long Rides > 200miles/320km
-Small Group Rides
-Larger Group Rides
-I can take a passenger
-I'm a passenger looking for a rider

To make sure your own profile will show when other members use the search please edit your profile and update your preferences at the very bottom of the page.
Please make sure you have a country, city and state/province selected as well to make the "local search" feature work.

This feature is brand new and might have some bugs. Please give it a good test and comment below.

Update April 4th:
Already 400 members have updated their profile to meet local riders. If you haven't updated your profile please do so. Also search for local members and contact them for rides.




I noticed it but as I hadnt created a new profile, it wasnt as obvious. Ont thing that did come out of it was a lot of spammer reports because new members had "I want to meet local members: "

It appears thatthis will only work if you have filled out the opitions on your profile though

lol beachy be creative LOL and well look how i did mine i hid everything in my see more section LOL

Gal, the "Older" members didnt have this feature when we created our profiles so it wont be filled in. , It is just you young whipper snappers that got it from the start! Smiley-wink

Uwe it wasnt the feature I thought it was either. I thought it was the Accessories showing what people purchased recently. Bugger, to the back of the classroom again!

lol i had to cut copy paste it lol i stole it from someones profile LOL

bad gal bad

you know beachy and uwe i got in a spot of trouble when the ole lady saw i checked all the boxes LOL
she was WTH YOU think your giving my seat to woman rider PFFT that will be the day lol then she slaped me up side my head

and if you saw the two of us together you would laugh at that sight :-} shes slim and light of build and me well 300 pounds and only the keg keeps me looking sexier than i already am LOL figured why have a six pack when i could just get the KEG LOL

No you actually have it on your profile if you click on the edit tab and scroll down I just enabled mine

bloody hell my turn to the back of the class room LOL dont tell Marek hes a bad teacher LOL ruler first then text books LOL

Does that cover rides to the corner store n that?

lol u need a lift Phil?

Now if they can only get a bridge built across the ocean, then I'd be able to ride over to Oz to get a "real drink"

you might find it hard to get used to a real pint glass instead of an almost pint glass though!


It would have to be a really twisty road or will make for a very boring ride ROFL

I'm with uwe. Love twisties, hate straight roads.

PINTS you mean they come in PINTS? thats it i want one LOL fosters FTW = for the win ( for you non gamers LOL ) Smiley-laughing

Its all good, straight, twisties, mountains, coast roads and some are better than others.

Anyone in Southern Maine, New Hampshire organizing a ride or just want to take a run up around Winni Lake and back for a nice day ride give me a shout. I've been looking forward to that ride for ages =)

OH SURE grey1 i leave that part of the states and NOW you want a riding partner LOL

Nice Reb, you telling stories again... I did not hit you up side the head, but I did tell you that is my seat, lol. Southern boys so do like to tell their stories... roflmao. But back to subject, I did find the section on my profile, it was easy but the more about me part I had to copy and paste from someone else's page... not found anywhere within my profile area. Us younguns don't have all the privileges yet :P

Always up for a ride in Brighton, Ont. area.

Spring has sprong here in Chattanooga. I'm ready to ride the Smokeys. I'm going to ride the south end of the Blue Ridge Parkway this year several times. If anyone out there want to ride in this area just say so. I'm retired and I ride everyday weather permiting.

Chattanooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooga here i come LOL yeah right still have to work for the man plus i dont think my son could live in the south hes to much a YANKEE now they would eat him alive lol

gonna try a trip this year with a coworker to burlington, vt. 6/17 - 6/22. we are just gonna wing it - no reservations etc. --- we'll see -- haven't done a motorcycle trip since i was in my 20's. be by myself too. the wife won't ride with me!!! oh well her loss... any body live in that area? It will be just the 2 of us -- later man - have a good summer!!!

Headed to BBT 10 (Blue Bonnet Thunder) on Thursday May 2nd to ride with some other TexasXRiders, Friday is the Three Sisters (Twisted Sisters), Sat is a ride that is in Ride Texas Magizine (100 miles) that is #2 on their list for BlueBonnets. Then when the rally finishes up Sunday May 5th leaving Fredricksburg to go down to South Padre, Corpus Cristi and maybe ride from Freeport to Galveston. I've never been to any of these area's. Anyone down that way offer any tips for hotels, places to eat etc....

Just hanging to see who is out riding

I got almost 1200 miles in so far this year in sunny Minnesota Smiley-laughing

i dont seem to have this feature on my profile, do I need to create a new one?
I like the idea of this because im always looking for someone to ride with, it gets a bit old riding buy yourself all the time.

just edit your profile and select the options there

Thanks for the instructions Uwe, I will get onto that.

Thank you for your appreciation ....

Im sorry, but does anyone know what he is talking about?

Dont worry, its a hack to be removed ..... MODERATORS ?????

Oh, I see, ha ha

Yeah, get off SPAMMER

has anyone reported it? The moderators wont see it until it is reported.

I'm not sure what the process is Adrian ....... perhaps some else can help ?

all you have to do is click on/ mouse over the post for the spammer and the menu pops up with reply and report. just click on report. I would also click on the spammers name and report the spammer for an offense and they will be removed from the system

Cretin has been removed

OK thanks, I'll do that in future Adrian ......cheers

UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH report not working LOL

In the frame of the bike ..... lol

Even a somewhat milder oral steroid such as Anavar has some toxicity. Then there are the steroids out there that have a somewhat high toxicity such as Winstrol. Why don't you hear of more sports players having liver complications?. Smiley-wink ;)

Humm interesting conversation LOL

They are spa,meds. Have been reported

Oh ok


Blocked and also post deleted Beachy/ Phill etc.


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