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Looking for pics of windshields on 2011 Yamaha Stryker

I just bought my 2011 Yamaha Stryker a couple months ago. I am now wanting to find a great looking windshield to add to it without taking away it's looks. Nothing too big or too small. I don't like the bullet windshields. So if anyone has some good pics of windshields on the bikes, I would love to get an idea as to what they would look like without buying one and regretting the expense later. 

I have seen some that fancy my taste. So far they are: 

1. Memphis Shades Hell Cat Gradient Black

2. Slip Streamer Smoke Spitfire Sport Shield

3. Memphis Shades The Shooter Gradient Black Handlebar Mount Windshield

Basically I want to see pics with them on a Stryker to see if I would like it. I know the first choice would fit my bike. But not sure if the others would.
I am open to other suggestions to. If anyone knows of a website that has an interactive screen where I can look at different pics of windshields, that would be a great help. 

Thanks for your input.




I've seen those already. Not happy with the results yet. But thanks for your help.

I have the star accessories boulevard windshield in mine. I think it looks good, it’s small but it’s unbelievable how much wind pressure it takes off my chest. 2 bolts on the upper triple tree and it’s on. Super easy. It forms somewhat around the top of the headlight and only comes to the top of the mirrors. If it’s the type of style or design you’re looking for I’d strongly recommend it.

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