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Have an 1998 VS800GL Intruder.. Teal and cream original paint in perfect condition.. New tires, brakes, Fluids, carbs completely rebuilt and sync'd.... ONLY 570 VERIFIABLE ORIGINAL MILES.. LIKE NEW.... How much should I get for this bike if I were to sell it right now? Not sure I want to and may preserve in current condition for a few years for more investment value... And hell... I might just say to heck with all that and enjoy it on the road... All comments are welcome... Oh and I'm also selling for sure an 1996 VS1400GLP I'm the second owner at 49K Miles... Excellent condition new tires, brakes Fluids, carb rebuild and syn'd etc... Solid black with six pack rack.... So. What do you guys think??




i think the age hurts it and the low millage, seems it was never running alot , if as a buyer and i saw that i would automatically think something could be wrong with the engine seals and so forth with the age and low millage.

it is not a collector item, as i should know because i had a 98 intruder blue, i got 6000 for mine 10 yrs ago, nice bike but no collector value. 2500 to 3000 dollars on a good day.

good information to know ... I have a friend I used to work with had late 90's ...he thought it was a collector worth a fortune ...I will pass the info on to him when I see him

just like the vstars when they made the last ones, and the numbered editions in 2004, no value for collecting

With so much variety, affordable pricing and more riders on the road, the values have kept low due to the shear volume of product out buddy sent me a pic last night of his cousins 2000 Honda Sabre VT1100 C2 for sale ,..want to know if I wanted to buy it ...$2000.00 ...has 115,000 km on it book has it at $2k low and $2.7k high...I would imagine this would be in the low due to the mileage..ill pass

Not an easy decision but I'm sure you will work something out. In the meantime make sure you get some rides in.

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