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Lost all power

Tonight as i was getting ready to leave work I lost all power. No lights, nothing. Heard pop under tank near speedo. I have 04 yamaha vstar 1100. All control connections are good, kill switch good, fuses at starter good. Starter replaced 4 years ago. Starter switch good. Thinking main relay. Dont know how to test it. Help. 



Battery is good. Winterized. Started it and ran twice around the block.

Battery good then jump the solenoid to see if it delivers power to starter. Make sure you in neutral. I'm thinking will get back to you. Check fuses. You know under side cover. Then the ignition key is next for inspection...will be thinking about and will comment later with epiphanies.

So you need to check ingition that the key switch is good. You have and no how to use a ohmmeter? Once you confirm switch is AOK, then it's on to the relays. Here's a link to help you find and price new relays. If your switch is good then the relay is not, and not energizing your systems. If you bike is old and money isn't super tight, I'd just replace them to start. Alway good to have new equipment on bike even if it didn't need it. I don't know what year your bike is so make sure the part numbers are right for your bike. Just because your fuses are ok in the solenoid dosen't mean anything if the solenoid isn't working. But I don't think it is that especially if your lights aren't coming on.

Ingition switch: 4TR-82501-01-00 MAIN SWITCH STEERING LOCK $90.81
Relays: 5KS-81950-00-00 RELAY ASSY (5KS-00) $31.36
4XV-8195A-00-00 RELAY ASSY $48.56

If you have jumped the solenoid and power went to your starter, we can eliminate the hot and ground cables to the system as ok. If it didn't turn the starter, well then, time to check ground cable which is a bit of a pain. Report back and we will go from there.

YOU have 4 things that are under the tank. A relay, Thermo SW, Main key SW, Ign coils. The relay kills everything also the thermo sw. If the key Sw blow I would think you would have notice the heat from it. The ign coils are under the tank too. They would not cause the lose of power. The one or the other may short out but then the main fuse would blow.
take a look at this site it has great photos of all the parts.

Pull the tank and look. Burnt odor? Any visible signs of damage?

No visible signs of damage or burnt smell. I have pukled the main relay amd with the help of one of my aotu mechanics gonna test it with multimeter.

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