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Lost Keys, no key codes available

I had one working ignition key & I believe my grandson accidently lost it. I purchased the bike used from private seller with 2 keys but only one key worked all the locks ignition & the other key only managed to unlock accessaries such as saddle bags, windshield & back rest locks. Manage to get the gas cap off & disassebled the lock & made a key to work it but that's it. Still not the ignition & the seat lock. There are more waffers in those 2 & I need to get the igniton off unless someone has a better idea? Have tried the dealership & Yamaha corporation with no luck. 1 out of 10 locksmiths I called said if I can bring the ignition in he could make me keys.  "yes I'm stupid for not having a backup key made!!!!"




funny yamaha wont help, the key is coded to the vin number should be able to get one.

Thanks for the links & help but unfortunately I have already exhausted these methods. Not interested in purchasing new lock system for the entire bike Edwins but thanks. If I could figure out how to get the ignition out of the bike I found a locksmith that said he could make a new key. Already did check this out too. Apparently Yamaha doesn't make it easy to identify the key codes. I have already disassembled both the fuel tank & another lock & there are no key codes. The ignition is a royal pain to get off the bike. Yamaha also does not file & safe key codes so it doesn't matter what information such as vin # & proof of ownership you provide they can't give it to you. The key code would have been stamped on a tag that came with the keys when originally purchased from a dealer but I purchased it second hand & no stamped tag. Fortunately after a month of searching for the key with no results. After writing this post I went on a searching again & surprisingly wa la I found it. But thanks for your attempts to help eynstyn & Edwins.

Capt'n Kangaroo says share. Would be of service to many.

Semi hard way.
First , buy a couple of Yamaha key blanks.
More than you should ever need. LOL
Main Switch Replacement
1. Remove the fuel tank and surge tank
2. Remove the frame neck covers
3. Disconnect the switch’s red, four-pin connector from its mate on the wiring harness.
4. Remove the plug from each mounting bolt and remove the two main switch mounting bolts. Remove the switch from the frame.
5. Installation is the reverse of these steps.
6. Take the switch and key blanks to a legitimate lock smith shop, not just a hardware store, They should be able to to make a key. Shop around.

let me guess it was in barbies car,,, exactly what i did was get some extras from ebay, keep one in my wallet.

I picked up a blank and had an extra made...but before I had it made, one day last spring I dropped the key down in behind the was a B**** to get at ...lucky I had a key ring loop on the key (I now have added to the loop) and was able to fish around with a coat hanger... I immediately went and got a blank from a Yami dealer ...took it to a locksmith to get it cut (as the hardware store will not cut vehicle keys)...I'm looking to hide one on the bike somewhere but hiding spots are limited...moral of the story..always have multiples!

why not hide it down in behind the engine. im sure there will be questions of why do you have a coat hanger on your bars.

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