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Love this bike!

hey folks!  I’m new to the forum, but I’ve had my ‘07 M50 for 2 years and love it!  I’ve added saddlebags, cobra exhaust, a windshield, and have recently ordered the 2 in handlebar risers.  Any ”how-to’s” ok the process if installing the risers?  It seems fairly simple, but wanted to make sure before I jump into it.  Thanks in advance!




Go to a thrift store and buy a couple of old blankets. One to lay over the tank (often overlooked until to late) and one to lay on the floor to keep any dropped part from bouncing away, never to be seen again. A roll of green painters tape is a good thing to have along with some plastic zip ties and some zip-lock bags.Throwing a towel over the head light assembly and front fender might save some grief.
After 2005 VZ800 was used for the M50 before 05 it was the Intruder, Go figure.
See Chapter 8, Page 22.

takem off putem on

How did you get on Corey ? Did you get the risers on OK ???
Ride Safe ...

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