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I LUV MY HARLEY  !!!!  How about you ?



Sorry but I do not luv your harley, There is nothing wrong with it, I just do not own it. I do however love my Drifter.

Your Harley is nice, but I LOVE my VTX!

Ye shall be converted !!

Maybe some day, considering they don't make the VTX any more. :(

I luv my harleys ! What about u James?

Yours is nice but I love mine more!

I luv all Harleys but , I luv mine the most !!!

I luv your Harley, but I luv my Victory a lot more!
"Victory is sweet revenge"

I love my Harley and like all Harleys but I do not covet my neighbors Harley.

I luv my 2007 Harley-Davidson,CVO,Softail,Springer,FXSTSSE,Screamin' Eagle,110cubic inch.
BUT.... I luv my 2008 Honda VTX1800C the most.............which cost half the money of the H-D!

I now LUST for a 2014 Road King that I saw at Natchez Trace Harley today . Will post some pics of the sexy thing as soon as I get them off the camera. Oh ya , it was only 30k !!!

$30K in REAL dollars .... yikes!! Must be some bike James!!

Just posted some pics of her. The pics are great but she really pops in real life !

I feel the same about mine , I shower her with gifts and she rewards me every time I start her up , but between you and me I still lust after the new Street Glide .

What's not to love about Harley, wouldn't ride anything else again, I really like the Rocker C, disappointed the production of this bike ended.

Yes I Love my Harley and as Dozer put it will not covet my neighbors Harley.
This is my Harley, there are many like it but mine is mine! Lol

Amen brother Greg! Lol

I love your Harley too JW.

I knew it would take long for you to turn up Lowie lol There is another one that needs your touch as well mate lol

Well Wayne who wouldn't love their Harleys ? I've seen the way you look at your V-Rod when you think nobody is looking , sheer lust !

I like your Harley, but I love my Honda.

It takes me about 5 hours to wash / wax / polish my bike properly , which I only do about 3 or 4 times a year. The rest of the time it's "speed wax" for the paint , and Lemon Pledge for the chrome.............. 1 microfiber cloth to apply, 1 to polish with , that usually takes 20-40 minutes. It's a labour of love , to keep all that CHROME gleaming !!!!!!

And it truly shows too Brunk!

I luv my Harley & like my Yarley. Yamaha want 2 b a Harley

Yeah i have a kawaley

J W.............I was lookin at a 2014 Screamin Eagle 110 ultra classic SuperDuperGlide or something like that today at the dealership......................take a guess how much...................go ahead, guess..............$46, tax !!!!!!!! FORTY -SIX FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was gorgeous , but not 50K , gorgeous , to me !!!

If you took off the seat and mud guards Wayne you would have a Kawaley Bear . or should that be bare ?

Yeah I would feel like a kiwi sheep with a B$%%dy sore A$#e

Crap Brunk I guess its still sitting there then huh?!

I heard that Harley sleeps around.

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