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M109 idle issue

I recently traded my boulevard m90 for the m109 boss. The bike idles below 1000rpm.  I took it back to the dealer and he claims that’s the way the bike idles and it Cannot be changed due to the bike being Fuel injected. The bike feels like it wants to stall and if I release the throttle it reduces speed rapidly. It feels really sluggish in low speeds. Any suggestions?



The base rpm is specified at 900rpm.
If you have a service manual look at pages 6-23 and 6-24.

It’s idling a little below 900rpm. But it’s not a clean idle. The bike has shut off on me while sitting at a ride light. And I get a lot of blow back at low speeds

I would change the fuel filter and check the electric fuel pump PSI. Sounds like low fuel pressure.Take a look at he pump assy I would also check the fuel pressure regulator. Take a look at this site..

How about the air filter? How long since it was cleaned/replaced?

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