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May CCC Dragon Ride 2013

Dates for 2013 May 17-19

A collection of CCC's finest are set to meet up again at The Tail of the Dragon in May.  This is to list those members who were there this year.

We will be staying at The Two Wheel Inn in Robbinsville, North Carolina again.  We will find a place for you in the event all the rooms are booked.

2012 Dragon Slayers: Ron, (gunnerCWO3), Rick (Skeeter229), Bill (xarmymedic), Nena (scootrgrl), Ken (kenmode), Mike (moreland4), Kyle (manybikes) and Brooke, Trevor (tman35), Clyde (cliftonking), James (ynkmup) and Diane, Jamie (jhowell4285), Linda (JazzInTN), Michael (tbone2013), Mark (chvytrk), Todd and Troy (non CCC members...ugh!).


This list will be updated regulary.  Plenty of time left to join up.  DON'T BE A WEENIE!!! Cool


Last update: 4/23/2012, 5:30 PM EST




Mike, thanks for doing an update.  I spoke with James this afternoon, and he and Diane (Wife) will be there for sure.  He think Mark will also be joining us. can I foget the Navy man...Clyde (Cliftonking).  He'll also be there.

I'm a weenie. 

You guys have a great ride. Wish I could be there.

Wish you could be there too Tezza.  Maybe one day we'll ALL get to ride together.

Mike, whats a head start? a few practice runs and some dirty sheets? lol

IM not a weanie wooooo hoooooo

Gunner, see what we

Yes Bob, it's official now.  You're a weenie. Wink

Are you lot going to do any motorcycle riding or just piss it up against the wall for the weekend????? lolol

'cept for the ladies amongst you.

lol...  Sorry Rick.  All I wanted to so was ride the Tail with a few Family members.  NOW...we'll be riding with a few more!  Doesn't get any better than that.  Unless of course, more people start catching the same fever that we have!  Smiley-laughing

We need as many people as we can get CCC...  Come join us!!  Can you imagine 50 bikes from CCC riding the Tail at the same time???  I'd say we'd be on the news that day!!  

Yes Moreland4, but I'm not just an official weenie, I'm an official CLEVER weenie.  I could have just wussed out, but I actually went to the trouble to have extensive surgery and take myself out of commission.  And, when my wife's son was picking a date for his wedding, I actually had the foresight to know that somebody would put together a trip for this May so I talked him into May 2012.

See, some guys would just say,"My wife won't let me."  But I'll actually go under the knife and schedule family events to get out of something and be labeled a weenie!  How many others would be that creative?  But seriously, I hope you all have fun!


Bob, for being so clever, I gave you your own category! 

Hope you make a quick and full recovery!

Sounds like a great ride time.  We have our Annual CCC rally in March this year.  About 30 riders so far.  Off to the nations capital.  Canberra.

What a fine array of the best of CCC have a great and safe time and make sure the king takes his meds on time and in the correct order please.

It keeps getting bigger.........that's what my wife said

Is this up to date?

Rick, it's up to date as far as I know.  I've been putting in the names as I get them.  Someone missing?

Don't know, I was just wondering. Looks like it will be a great gang.

well you can add my name to the list of slayers can't wait to meet so of ccc's finest

tbone2013, got you on the list buddy.  You staying at the Two Wheel Inn?

What happened with Mark?  I thought he was joining us.

Wasn't sure if Mark was in or not.

We're out of Weenies!

Hi Mike,
I added a link to this post on the homepage

Great Uwe, just 3 weeks till the Dragon. It's going to be great. Just watch out for Ken and

Thanks Uwe. Hoping you can find a way to make the trip as well. Mike

I'm afraid of the weenies on that road who drift all over the place. I've scaled much more aggresive rides than the dragon but those dopes on wheels coming at you are scary indeed. I would have to request an MRAP vehicle to clear the route before I'd venture on that 11 miles!


Hi Mike, sorry, can't make that one, have to log more time behind the computer to get the site going. I think Kyle is planning on being there.

Kyle is suppose to be coming but haven't heard from him in awhile.

We're headed up the 3rd week in June. Meeting Wisconsin group and riding up from Mississippi. Staying At's Hunt's Lodge in Tellico Plains. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THIS PLACE OUT ! Been many times and the trip never cease4s to amaze ...

Counting the days !!!!! Weather will be great for the event !!!!! BE POSITIVE !!!! The wife and I will be at the Two Wheel on the 10th !

Counting the days here too James! We'll be there three weeks from today!! I hope we hear from Kyle soon. I still don't know when he's coming in...or where he's getting his bike from. Looking forward to seeing everyone though. And I hear ya James...the weather is going to be absolutely PERFECT that weekend!

Yes this is going to be awesome, can't wait to meet the gang and have a beer with you all

Yes, planning on being there! Final arrangements have not yet been made... but I am planning on being there!

Beer? This is the first I've heard of this!

Mike, You have got to try this stuff, It's called beer. You drink it, it tastes like piss water and you feel like crap in the morning. Some people are mean when they drink it, some people get stupid silly. I think they call the effect getting drunk, hammered, slammed etc. But I won't be partaking of the piss water (i mean Beer) as I gave it up long ago, I just want to watch these guys be blubbering idiots, for a bit, I will get you to your room (finders fee may apply), so that you may pray to the porcelin god for a while. No worries tho, I will bring my medic kit with me, haven't used it in 14 years but I can hook you up with an IV so that the effect of the hangover will not be quite as bad. Scary isn't it... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I am counting the days too!!!! I may even drink a beer or 2!!! woohoooooo!

Sounds like you guys will have a blast. Enjoy the trip and the compaany. It will be a hoot.

Ha! I just keep thinking of all the pics and videos of the "blubbering idiots" that will be posted in a few weeks! Some might be worth some money (not to post that is!). REALLY looking forward to this "gathering".

Bill , Out of the folks we have met I have yet to see one NOT be able to hold their own !!! Well , maybe Ken !!!!!

the fines from C C C does that mean i can't come now and hey jarhead i want shit from you i'll slap your lid lol dont forget over come bring the rootbeer

uwe would come but he still hung over from the trip to O Z

King, Now thats funny..

Bill, you just make sure you get some good pics and videos of Ron, Ken and

Mike, Brother, Understand that I can force feed beer to make Blubbering Idiots. It all how you do it. Would not be the first time. In fact I have made a run to Lynchburg and Picked a a few complimentary bottles of Jack D. THat should make the party interesting. Oh and Never underestimate the power of alcohol Intravenously. Yeah..... I HAVE THE POWER ... Maybe I should change my screen name to - Mad Medic At Large - Muahahahahaha.

Damn it, I'm still a weenie... no lotto win yet...

Well Brat sorry my powers of persuasion to the lotto gods haven't been answered as of yet, as a consolation though the developer of the weenie, Mike I think it was, must think that you're the hottest lookin weenie he's been stuck with for some

James , not only will I hold my own , I will hold someone elses for them !.............. ( BEER , James , BEER ) Get your mind out of the gutter my friend !

Kenny, good to see you back brother! And in fine form as usual,,lol


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