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Member Install Helper Feature

I heard lots of stories over the years of members vistiting other members in their garages and helping them install parts and accessories together. In 2001 a friend helped me install an ISO grip on my Shadow and that opened up the world of DIY customizing for me personally.

The feature would allow members to select on their profile if they would be willing to help other members. There might be additional options:
- if they would want to visit the member or have the member visit them in their own garage (or both)
- how far they would be willing to travel 
- what bikes they would want to work on
- what type of installation/maintenance work/repairs they would want to help out with
- summary of their qualifications
- what they would like in exchange (money, beer, food, etc)

Then members looking for help could search for other members closeby, read their info and request help through the message feature.

If you are interested in such a feature please give it a thumbs up and commet below if you would want to offer help or are looking for help, maybe even both. 




Uwe, I remember a certain USA member visiting my garage in offers of help....only an offer to ride my Z50a...but no pics allowed. lol I guess a lot of us have this sort of network happening in our own areas. Afterall, tezza used his previous experince to help me put the new risers on the C109R a couple of weeks ago.

how rude of him ...
oh, wait ...
you wouldn't want me to work on your bikes, I'm better with computers Smiley-wink

You are very good with them Mr Uwe.

Uwe, do you rent Kyle out? (I really want Kelly to do any fact she could maybe come out and work on some of my projects. lol) KB would have a plethora of topics for TOTW vids.

Stick a sign around Kyles neck , " will work for beer " and put him on the street corner...............lets see how it works ! He came all the way from California to Robbinsville, NC in May just to help Clyde fix his bike. Even brought his own zip ties !

Ken, can you afford the booze bill? lol

interesting to already see 10 votes for this - please also comment if you are looking to get help or offer help for others.

I certainly would locally and a bit further depending on time and commitments obviously.

I'd ceratinly be willing to help out any local folks. I don't have the time to get into major modifications, but if anyone wants a little assistance with the installation of accessories and wants to swing by, I'd be happy to make myself available.

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