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Charity Pools for Members in distress

This may seem a strange suggestion coming from a guy and not a girl however, given a couple of posts I have read lately, ie , , amongst others, I thought it worth proposing. Has CCC ever considered getting a pool of $$ together so that when members are badly [not minor scrapes or bruises] injured in accidents [not their bikes either as in ] the forum could send them a token get well card or flowers [even a can of beer to some of the guys] to their hospital bed etc? If CC could be convinced, CCC members may be able to forgo their "free" gifts with the benefit being redirected to this activity. I'd certainly put in a few $$$ via say paypal or give up the "free" gifts if I knew the $$ were to be used exclusively for this purpose.

Just an idea. I raise it via message with UWE who suggested posting here.




I think it is a great idea and even tho a few of us are all gifted out I would contribute towards it.

We think alike mate! I raised this idea last year.
I have continued to check up one fallen rider in my area (wife was killed in their bike crash) but would still like to see the support more formalised.

What a thoughtful idea Smiley-laughing Nice one

Yep, I'd be up for that...always willing to help out a fallen brother or sister...

I am not a person with a lot of money, but am always willin to help in a worthwhile cause, you guys set it up and I will contribute what I can when I can, very good idea!!

Same here Hitek, very good call Norman, way to go

I´m in of course!
You right Steve it was discussed before. Now it´s time to DO not to discuss.... Thanks Norman for contacting Uwe, he´s the one who could make it happen!

Uwe, from the sounds of things its all,yes.

I think it's a great idea. Someone would need to own the initiative and find a way to make it happen.
There are online tools and services out there that can be used to raise money for a charitable cause.

Now there's another good idea coming out of this bunch of good minded folks and bikers !!

Just an example:
On another forum I belong to, a lot of us helped out a retired guy who had made a mistake during an airkit install and inadvertently sucked a washer into his intake which destroyed his engine. We all donated a few dollars via Paypal with the forum moderator controlling it.

Good info Steve

That's great to hear Steve, my only concern is it getting abused. I don't have any issues helping out fellow bikers as you know, but I think in the CC C case we would need strict guidelines on who and ow it was applied. Annie came up with an idea today that I thought had some merit. We have a stack of $5 off your next CCC order sitting there doing nothing. I have given some to people when I tell them about CC and the community. Maybe we could forfeit the $5 voucher to CC to help support the rider in distress.

A terrific idea to help a fellow rider

Beechy, Yep good idea if CC get on board and agree.

My idea was only for those (including their pillion partners) who were killed or injured in a motorcycle related accident not for those low on $$$ who had a bike mechanical issue . The thought was along the lines of condolence card, get well soon card, flowers or gift box of goodies, that sort of thing just to show that they were not alone and that the CCC forum members care. Keeping it to something simple would allow clear guidelines and limited cost. Whilst I can appreciate the issue bought up by Turbo, I see that as a separate matter that could be bought up in normal discussions and handled as people wish at the time.

I agree totally Norm.

Norman, the original idea I suggested last year was just as you proposed above.
The 2nd thought was of course just another incidence of where I along with others personally helped someone and was in no way meant to hijack your suggestion.
As per last year, I will continue to volunteer as the Melbourne area rep for the fallen riders.

Cheers, Steve

Steve, as they say, there are no new ideas, just variations on a theme. I took your example as an enhancement suggestion to the idea not a hijack so all cool.

As Uwe said, someone needs to drive this. Unfortunately whilst I (unknowingly) plagiarised your suggestion (sorry, unintentional) it is not something I can run with. I still work and have a young family with 2 boys at high school so am often time poor. Ok I hear everyone say, you can find time to post here so why not, well this is chill down time for me. It would be great if someone can run with this. Volunteers????

Not strange to have a shred of humanity in you Norman. And as far as people running you're kidding me correct? Who better than BIKERS to organize a committee of fellow peers to over see a worthy and honorable ( for lack of a better term ) cause. Bikers have always run good based group sponsored causes such as toys for tots, memorial runs, and breast cancer fund raisers! So Norman your peers only need to decide upon whom they wish to head and lead this project with sub leaders to help keep it moving Biggrin just my take on this.

As Phillavery said... It would be a challenge to make it happend internationally....
But hey!!! You know what.... It could be beginning of something unique if we can make it...
I do NOT have the skills , but my money are in.... Is there anybody who can and want it to happen???
Uwe - whats possibilities to convert contest winnings to money on a account? What about CC as company participating in that? ( think about PR value).....
Come on.. Can we stop talking and start making things happen? Smiley-wink

Ok..Ok.. Before you say something...
I´m on NOTHING tonight::: Totaly sober and that´s the problem...
Smiley-wink ;) Smiley-wink

So in line with this discussion, did a little quick internet search, and the one solution that sticks out is that to do this we would need a website with a paypal account so that people could push money through to it, and the administrator of the website would have to set up an account to funnel the money to. It looks like the eassiest way to do that would be for to set up the paypal account, and then assign one of the community members as the fund holder. It would have to be someone, who would have the time to accept the donations and monitor the account, for everybody's protection there would have to be another individual or group of individuals that would be assigned to verify the need to pay out of the trust whenever a fellow rider met one of the conditions required by the trust as set up by the community. The actual answer to the question asked "make a website, sign up a PayPal account, direct people you know to that website with a PayPal donation button. Collect the money and send it to a bank account."

So with that being said would be willing to make a Paypal account and button, and a new forum for CC members to discuss the rest of the particulars, and would two people one to monitor and administer the money account and another to respond to members in need, be willing to donate the required time and energy to make this come together.
Uwe the first part (if I undertsand the workings of CCC correctly) and the new forum would be for you to put into motion, the rest would be for the community to come together on. Looking back on the discussion I count roughly 14 members who have joined this discussion, we need to get the word out to see what others think, that is why I was recommending a new forum or discussion topic!

paypal would be a simple solution. I could setup an account and then give access to 2 other members. Members would watch new donations coming in and make leave a comment on a discussion thanking members for their donation.
We could even give members a badge if they donated.
Who would make the decision on who should get any funds? Does the biker in need have to be a member? What's the amount that can go to a biker in need?
Also, what should be call the program?

Brothers and Sisters United World Wide


I would think that we might need a couple of individuals to gather the information on who the funds would be for, and then present it to the community, (guarding as much of that individual's privacy as they are able) who would have to decide with a majority vote (based the number of voters) on the information provided, thus the need for another topic area. As for who would be eligible, I would think that only community members would be eligible for aid given and provided by the community support. As far as eligibility requirements, again for the community to decide, but I think for starters if someone gets injured in an accident or killed in an accident then maybe an amount to that cause would be more than say for helping a brother/sister rider who may not have been hurt in an accident but their bike was damaged and they needed some help repairing it to get it back on the road, while waiting for insurance to come through, again this is something that the community would have to determine by throwing everyone's ideas out there and opening up a discussion on those ideas. I would add that only involuntary incidents would be considered, in other words we shouldn't be asking contributors to contribute to someone's upgrades just because the person wanting the upgrade can't currently afford it. Amount would be based on the need but I would definitely put a cap on the amount based on what the members of the community decide. As far as a name for the program, again I would open a new discussion that is available to all community members ( not sure how that works, again only 14 or so members have commented on this topic, so not sure how many people have seen this topic) to ask for program name ideas.

I think our first step would be to advertise this topic on the home page, to make more people aware of the discussion and to get more input. and more ideas. I think the hardest part won't be to establish the paypal button and account so much as it will to get enough people aware of what the community is trying to get accomplished and get the guidelines in place.
I stumbled across another website last night that dealt with a similar idea only for horse riders and not bike riders. When I get home I will see if I can find that site and look at their guidelines.

Hitek, I love your enthusiasm, however, how about we start with baby steps. The old Keep It Short & Simple acronym, KISS.

Name: CCC Forum Members Care [only a suggestion].

Applicable to current members of the forum at time of incident only. Not retrospective joining.

Purpose: Members (and pillions) who have been injured or killed in a bike related accident. After a time if members wanted to open it up to other more expanded situations then you can decide at a later time.

Amount: Small care or gift basket ($75 - $100 range) showing that others are thinking of them. It is the thought that is the important thing here. This makes it simple as there are lots of companies that can deliver gift baskets, flowers, cards etc internationally. My idea was to show them support, not get them out of a financial situation. If you start to get into these larger areas then yo run into lots of issues re tax [IRS, ATO] issues whether you need to be a registered charity provider and a lot more legal mine fields. KISS avoids this. That does not mean that this could not be expanded as some time in the future.

If the forum wanted to raise $$$ for someone to help them out financially then this could be handled as a separate case by case exercise.

The paypal donations idea will work well. If CC took up the $5 voucher donation, etc ideas that would also add to the pool. Having a separate tag off the forum is a good idea. Whilst possibly a longer term goal, I do not think a separate website is needed at this time as the purpose relates to CCC forum members so can be kept within the forum.

If it is made too complicated to start with then it will never get off the ground. Start with a simple aim and simple action. Once it is up and running efficiently then the process and aim and be tweeked to improve coverage, expand aims etc, but only if that is what the majority want.

I agree wholeheartedly Norman, I am only throwing out ideas to try to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. We do not need a separate web page, that was not my intent, I am merely suggesting that we add another topic to the discussion area, for this specific fund, and put a temporary banner, like they did for the mobile application, on the home page to direct everyone there for input. As far as the amount, I guess I misunderstood someone elses suggestion as to help with mechanical repairs. If all we are looking to do is support with flowers or small monetary donations it would be simple for Uwe to add the paypal account and then when someone needs our support put the word out through the aforementioned topic in the discussion area. The name you suggested sounds like the perfect title for the discussion area topic, and for the fund.

By the way, the last time I used KISS, I ended up married with children and broke!!!! Dirol

What do you think Uwe, does it sound like we can start it as Norman suggests and see if it flourishes?

:), kiss. Yep, leads to trouble.

Hope its gonna work, bikers united all over the world, wish that everyone in the world was that carring towards ones bro,s and sis,es!!
What ever the way its gonna be set up, count Me in!!

Count me in to donate. I like this idea very much. Anyone who administrates it and needs help my xhtml & css skills are basic but workable.


I can help .........I'll give you my bank account number to deposit the donations to .....

Phil it is nice to joke a lot but sometimes joking can be taken wrong and some people ( me this time ) take helping people very serious. a good cause is not a joking matter to people like me ( who joke all the time ) when what people are trying to do can help the greater good of all. im NOT busting your balls im just asking please this topic no joking, it touches all of us in one way shape form or fashion. thanks Phil for understanding Smiley-laughing

yeah, sounds like a separate paypal account will get it rolling. I can set one up. Norman, Hitek, do you want to volunteer to oversee the funds for the next little while?

I updated the title to make it a bit more explicit and to bump it to the top of the discussion list. It also shows as a popular topic on the home page.

I was starting to think I had lost my mind and forgot the title. Uwe, I will send a message offline over the weekend re all this.

thank you UWE for all your help in this and your time.

Our bike club does this (sends cards and flowers) and the national association has a fund to help riders after accidents. I always thought it was a great idea, especially after I wrecked my bike during a long trip and ended up in the ER. Required surgery to repair my shoulder and our national organization helped my with some of my out of pocket medical expenses.
I would gladly send some money to a fund to let other bikers know I care and wish them well.


Sorry this has taken so long to get back to you. Work for me is frantic so I am not sure I am the best person to run with this. As it is I am only home 1 weekend this month. I can work on something but doubt I will have much time where I can think it through until early June. I also believe that an established long standing member that everyone has trust in should run it rather than a newbie like myself. Things lie, this need the credibilty of long standing well thought of peopel to head it, i am still a relative unknown here.

and a man who judges himself so harshly is perfect for the job for many reasons Norman! and who ever said you were not a well liked and trusted person in this community? never seen you have a bad word, phrase, or ill intent towards anyone in here lol not even towards me ( and im an ass just ask me ) your lvl headed, thoughtful, in the business to make money so you should know how to handle it, know how to manage affairs, your heart is big enough for ten normal people, and i bet if you took 15 minutes you could pick out a crack team of others in here to work it all for you and just manage them from a distance! yup i have faith in you Norman and id have to say this much im not one to impress very easily considering i cant stand to be around my own family let alone others who are closed minded about what life is and has to offer each " individual on this planet ". thinking outside the box makes us who we are and being able to see that and making it work for you makes us all different and that dear Norman is why i personally stamp my seal of approval on YOU!!! not saying others here are not worth mentioning just from what i have seen and read and can decipher from all my skypes with others on here which is not the whole lot of ya but a good number of you. sorry getting winded here LOL Biggrin

I am with Reb on this Norman. I think that you would be the best candidate for this, you brought the idea up and you kept it on track, you have my vote!!! In the time that you have been here and replying to different peoples comments as well as giving us some of your own, you have shown to be fully capable of taking this fund and making it work for those in need.

The rest of us will be here to offer what help we can!


LTNS Hitech. sorry but i have been swamped with life matters and well not much time to socialize outside of this box!!! have been trying to ignore my phone but doctors lawyers and work keep me locked in to close these days

and see Norman we have a second on my vote Biggrin

What's up Reb, same here , seems I get one issue taken care of and two more are waiting right behind it, will be glad when I can get time to disappear for a week!!

T-mobile not cooperating Reb, not sure if you got my last text, but I am heading to bed, early morning coming up, catch up to you later!!

good night Hitech sleep well

I'm still enthusiastic about this and will help and contribute in anyway I can.

Agree, I have been travelling a lot butbwill get back to,it when work permits.

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