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Mirror Fitting Tool - Implemented

Imagine we had a tool on our site that would let you try on different type of mirrors and see right away how they would look on your bike. Wouldn't that be awesome?
For example, we would start with a photo similar to this:

Then you can select different mirrors and see right away how they look. I've been thinking about a tool like this for probably 8 or 9 years now but never found a way to actually do it.
With our new software tools and your help we could finally make it happen.
If you take a photo similar to the one above of your own bike and upload it to the site I can "cut out" the mirrors and add them to a software tool.

If you like the idea of having such a tool on the site please give it a "thumbs up".

And if you like to help build the tool please take a picture of your bike similar to one above. Please take it from the the position where your eyes would be. To size the mirrors correctly you would just have to measure the distance between the outermost points of both mirrors.
While you are at it you might as well take a picture of the front of your bike, maybe we include that in the tool as well since some mirrors look really cool from the front. Just upload it to the site and tag it with "mirrortool".

Edit 3/8/13:
My man Clive created a simple prototype to give you an idea how it would look like. Just click on any of the 3 mirrors on the prototype to see how they look. What do you think?

Edit 3/18/13: We now have it working on our site and you already select from 2 different bike models and 4 different mirrors. Please check it out and and leave your feedback. Now we need pictures for each bike model. Who can help?

Edit 4/20/13:
I added a bunch more mirrors, we now have almost 50 mirrors available! I'm still looking for more photos of bikes

Thanks a bunch in advance



pretty cool

UWE I know something can be done I've been on the Harley web site where they show you what a cycle would look with accessories and options. By clicking different options it reconfigures what the cycle looks like.

Hi Dozer,
yeah, they got a slick tool for that, for example
I'm sure it wasn't cheap to build that but it still doesn't let you try on mirrors Smiley-wink

After much 'reflection', I think this is a good idea!

Bike with windshield would be OK too?

would be nice for all bikes and all accessories, now i'm really dreaming

Marek, Maybe windshield on and windshield off.
Great idea. Love it

This would be a good angle I think:
Don't worry about having a background in your photos, those can get photoshopped out if necessary ...

Looks pretty Cool Uwe. So what's next? You need pcs from the riders seat of the bars and controls?

yes, please. Plus I need to know the distance between the outermost points of the mirrors so I can size it correctly

Great idea UWE good one

Very cool tool you have there, Uwe!
So you basically want the same pic of every bike, with the stock and aftermarket mirrors (if we have them)?

Hi Steve,
yes, any bike you have and with whatever mirrors - for example Mark's photo from is a good example.

93cm or 36.5" Uwe


awesome, much appreciated!!!
I was thinking about leaving the awesome scenery in there but that won't work because we'll have to "remove" the mirror so we can fit other ones ...


Hagar, what mirrors are those?

Sorry to say Uwe but they are genuine after market Triumph tear drop mirrors the part number here in OZ is not the same as the US but I did get them from Pure triumph .COM in FL

They do look good.

checkout out the tool now on our site:
Please add your feedback and take a picture of your handlebars and mirrors to be added to the tool.

wow that's cool, just imagine how far you could take this idea, you could try before you buy just about everything

I''ll take a pic of my bars for you Uwe Vstar1100 classic

I agree John, It would be great for things like Saddle bags, windscreens, good looking passengers.
What would be really cool would be putting a picture in the mirrors of all the other vehicles you are passing!

yeah, if we can show the tool to be working for mirrors we can go after saddlebags, pipes, etc.
The challenge will be getting the photos of bars and mirrors from members, I'll take care of the rest from there on!
Adrian - don't know how you would safely take a pix like that Smiley-wink

I'd like to see which is the best shaped tank for different types of fuel ....


Ok. I'll get a drifter shot for you, though there will not be many users for it. Firstly a dumb question, how do I make it work on my iPad 3? All I could get it do was to go to the CC site or the CCC main page.

Thanks, Norman, that would be great. It should work just fine on your iPad, just tried on mine. Just go to

I have added Ben's Sabre and a few Harleys plus a Kuryakyn magnum mirror. Check it out again.
We need more bike pictures. Who can take a picture of their bike per instructions above?

So cool, my bike is a mirror model LOL

neat but not to scale mirrors look to big

Hi CT, they should be the right scale (if I did my math right) Smiley-wink
Which ones look too big?

oic, looks like Mark's Thunderbird looks massive compared to the other bikes.
Mark, I think I've screwed up the resizing. Could you do me another favor and measure the width of your handlebars? (I've already removed the mirrors from your bike that's why I can't go by the mirror width anymore).

By the way, checkout the new mirrors I added. For example, compare the Rad II with the Rad III mirrors - huge difference and you would have never guessed that from just looking at the product pictures. But the first one is 4.5" wide and the second is 7" wide!

Hey Uwe, will it matter if they have a windshield on?
My 109 has the VStream and the 1100 and 650 have the NC shields

Hi Adrian, great chatting with you today over Google+ Hangout. It would be better to take the windshield off because we cut out the background. We can also remove the windshield in Photoshop.

I've added a bunch more mirrors today, we now have 15 mirrors showing.

Ill get the pics for you after the hangout tomorrow Uwe. It was great to finally talk face to face. Ill try and look a bit more presentable tomorrow as well Smiley-laughing

how do we send a pic for the mirror app

CT, you can just upload it to the photo section.
I just added Norman's Drifter
How do you like it with those mirrors? Smiley-wink
Thanks for sending me the picture.
I also added a photo of my Shadow Aero with the Buffalo ape hangers - it's wider than what I had speced out the tool for - have to get that fixed Smiley-wink

CT, thanks for your pictures, I'll get them up as soon as they are processed.
I've added 2 more mirrors to the tool

I also need more photos bikes, especially popular ones like Honda VTX, Kawasaki Vulcan, Yamaha Vstar and Roadstar, etc.

Very cool. Many other accessories could also be done in a similar way, exhausts, wheels, grips, etc....?

Uwe, I just noticed that you had uploaded my bike pic. I tried out the system and it works fantastic. I wish I had of had access to something similar before I bought new mirrors for my bike in January. With more mirror options it will be very very useful to members. Well Done.

thanks guys. Yes, once we have the mirror tool working well we could extend it do do other parts like saddlebags, etc.

Hi Mark,
I added your VTX1300R and the M50
Could you please measure the width of the M50 handlebars including the barend weights? I want to make sure I sized it correctly.

No sweat Uwe. I'll do it after work for you tomorrow ( it's just a couple of minutes to 2am here at tbe moment).

Hey Uwe
Looks great! i was wondering what my VTX would look like with the Arlen Ness Rad Micros on. Smiley-wink

Verrrry cool. BTW, just a hint for others that might want to upload their images for the mirror tool.... I used an ultra wide angle lens (probably around f=20mm) to get in nice and close to the tank and bars while still capturing all of the visable bike.

Uwe, the handlebars on the M59 are 855mm tip to tip including barends.


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