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Modifying pipes

Just drilled out my baffle. Bike sounds great however for all of the guys on these forums who say you do not have to tune the bike after you do you need to go in and remap it! Definitely not sorry I did it. But for all the running around to find an extension that matches the one and a half inch hole saw that I needed where I live was quite an ordeal. And the price of having to remap it I guess I could have gotten slip ons!




If you do just the pipes or just the air cleaner you don't need to remap. But if you do both you do

The bike sounds great it's running great some popping going on here and there. I had someone advised me that I should do it. So even if I ran it for the weekend do you think it won't be a problem? Thank you for your response

Also one more question does this bike have its own tuner or do I have to go out and get a tuner if I do have to map it

Wow there's a bunch there believe it or not. The bike has an ECM which is a fancy little computer sort of. It makes minor adaptations in the fuel/air mix. Some people put tuners on their bikes but that's when they want to get radical with things. If you honestly feel you want to spend some money go get it maped. I wouldn't but it's your cash. Call your service guy he will be able to tell you what would be suggested for your bike. I have a stage one on my bike which is larger air intake and pipes. I had it maped and it still gives me a little pop now and then.

Thank you I really don't want to spend that kind of money they are looking for I'm riding the bike around today and it feels fine to me and that pop I get is just once in a great while thank you for your input have a good day

Glad to help Smiley-laughing
Ride safe

In a lot of cases you’ll get a little pop when you let off no matter how precisely tuned your bike is. It’s just a side effect of having more airflow and less back pressure. Unless the engine shows signs of running lean I wouldn’t mess with the tuning, the ecm should adjust the fuel/air mixture

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