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The More Things Change.............

Hair greased back, pack of Lucky's rolled up in the sleeve of a white t-shirt, engineer boots and this:



that look good

Like much . Triumph doing very well with their model releases.

Love what Triumph and other brands are doing to produce diversity, but is the essence of what a bobber represents lost when it goes main stream, I always felt that it was an individual customisation that occurs when a bike is stripped down to remove unnecessary bits to a minimalist level and then personal touches added, Just my thoughts!

It looks good Edwin and I also agree with Dub.

Yeah but there are lot of people who like the look but lack the ability to roll there own. I'd like to have one and carry it futher. My first bike was a 61 Triumph ex Hill Climber that I chopped. Years later I got another chopped 61. I also helped build 2 Honda 305's into AMEN framed, springer frontend show bikes and so on. My friend John helped AMEN get their jig tables setup right. All of these were sold to to people who appreciated the looks.

With the amount of maintenance I (don't) do, I should be getting my bobber the bits will start to fall off...

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