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More Winter Weather for Us

Now we have a winter storm watch in upstate New York. My hopes for some riding during my holiday have been, as they say, dashed Beee

On the positive side, my bike is ready for Spring!





Ah, the beauty of Upstate. Glad you got your bike together.

10 inches predicted. About 4 so far, and the wind is supposed to pick up dramatically. I will wax the bike during the weekend--what else (I almost feel like The Karate Kid).

WAX ON - WAX OFF Smiley-laughing

Wax on - Wax off - shovel snow - wax on - wax off - shovel snow... Smiley-laughing

How much did you get total? We got about a foot of wet heavy stuff.

I am editing my comment. I saw in the local paper that my section of Syracuse got 18.8 inches. Yes, the snow was heavy; I was concerned about the trees but we didn't get much wind when much of the snow had already fallen.

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