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Moto Guzzi Flying Fortress test ride

So the weekend of September 14th our local Moto Guzzi dealer had an open house where you could test ride a new Guzzi. They had a Flying Fortress in the showroom I wanted to test ride. Granted the model I rode was already a year old, but remained unsold. I wanted to test ride a California too, but they didn't have any available.

The Flying Fortress has a 1400cc engine, 100cc smaller than my Intruder, but it was still 50+ kg heavier than my Intruder. And I noticed it.

It's a very nice machine! Smooth, quiet and yet very powerful, 96hp. Shifting was very smooth and quiet. So much so, I wondered if I had shifted. Didn't hear anything, didn't feel anything.

This bike is definitely a head turner!

Not 100% mine though. I'd still like to test ride a California when I get the chance.


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I have a California Tourer 2017. It is very much the same frame engine and 6 speed. If you liked the Fortress you're really going to like the California. I have two Stratoliners with 1900 cc.It's a toss up which is better bike. The strats are way nicer ride (cadillac rocking chair ) this California is just as smooth has a faster top end. Gets better mileage but if feels heavier and is about 2in taller. IT weighs 200 lbs less than the strats.The power and the vibration free riding is very nice. I only have 4000
miles so far. I have not taken it on any lone rides yet.I feel comfy for about 1hr. then my back gets a little tight. The seat is kind of hard after 1 hr or so. It still puts a smile on my little face when i get on and ride. I have yet to shift into 5th and 6th full throttle. 4th is 90mph. I never shift out of first while in town or under 40mph. This engine likes that 7500 rpm range. One of the most fun bikes I have been on in years. I traded in a 2017 Indian Vintage for it, the indian was junk in more ways than one.. That is a long story . Hope you get a chance to test ride one. You might even buy it..

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