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Motorcycle camping.

In another month I'll be moving from my Intruder to my next bike the 04 Royal Star Venture Midnight. Ive been thinking about doing some camping with it after I get it. All of my present gear is out of date in cluding my old veitnam issued military sleeping bag. its been good ot me but its old and very heavy.and my cooking gear has always been a good old camp fire and my 12 inch cast iron fry pan.until  I moved to NC I could always geta way with a tarp tied off at a 30 degree angle as a leanto.however NC has fire ants an I'm highly alergic. so I have to carry an eppie pen every where. So any one that got any suggestions for new gear that will fit in my bags or the trunk. let me know. camping out under the stars just me and my bike sound likea lot of fun.




Sounds good all but the fire ants. I'm sure you could google motorcycle camping gear

I don't do much camping any more but the camping gear I've purchased in the past was designed for hikers .. compact, lightweight and highly functional.

yea I've watch a crap load of youtube video on the subject lately and I found some interesting information.

yea Peter I used to do the backpacking thing myself even hitchhiked around the country a few time back in the 70's and 80's but i was also alot younger than camping gear seems to have changed alot over the years to. I might order one of those folding trailers from harbor freight to pull behind the bike and build a folding platform on the trailer that can open up big enough to accommodate a family size tent I saw a video on you tube of a guy that did that. it looked really simple and really cool and didn't add a lot of weight to the trailer. he built a second platform on top of the trailer just above the fenders using epoxy covered half inch plywood and painted it. than he made 2 wings that fold out from the top of the platform jack stand are place on the corners and the mid section of the wing as well as one on each corner of the trailer itself. the space between the trailers bed and the raised platform is used for storage.the framework that holds the wings in place was designed to telescope in to the trailer. when pulled out made the whole platform very stable.but until then I need get the basics together and start enjoying that new bike.

Ugh, fire ants. Camped at a bike meet north of Dallas and they were everywhere. I have a old Harborfreight trailer that I'm going to use to haul stuff with.
Some more ideas,
and scroll past the luggage choices for some good info.
and a swivel hitch idea, bike leans, trailers don't.

Thanks Edwin the trailer I mentions is similar to this one.
but where this one drops in the mid section the one i was talking about has a solid deck
it's amazing what people do with those little harbor freight folding trailers..

One thing to consider is internal storage with the tent closed down and a large chest/cooler over the yoke. I'm doing mine as a flatbed with a removable bike rail and a drive on tailgate like a lawn equiptment trailer, I-bolts on the corners and stake holders on the rail sides will make it real convertable.

with the design I'm planning to use you start with a basic folding trailer all set up than at each end of the trailer you add a 3 sided frame the slide into the frame of the trailer and locks in place with a simple spring pin. the panels that fold out are made of half inch 4x8 sheets of plywood the raised bed in the trailer is also half inch 4x8 plywood. the space under the bed will fit coolers and other gear you might need to store so nothing is out on the yoke when the trailer is in motion.the tent itself is permanently attached to the deck and the panels so that when it's opened up its just a quick matter of sliding the poles into place and setting up the jackstands the whole set up time I saw the one on you tube took less than 5 minutes. the two outside panels were attached to the raised bed with heavy duty piano hinges like they use in motor home and on boats. each plywood panel is coated in epoxy to protect it from the elements and the edges are sealed with fiberglass tape. I think the tent they used was either a 7 or 10 man tent. the one I saw they built a box frame on the bed of the trailer and made two panel type doors on piano hinges that opened up so that you could get to everything with out breaking down the whole tent. when you're ready to hit the road again you just remove the tent pole lay them on the deck fold in the panels pack up the rest of your gear and slide the frames back into the trailer hook back up to your bike and your on your way.

Sounds like a plan. Any idea on the weight?

trailer weight is 257 lbs. max weight it can carry is 1980 lbs GVS. add the weight of 5 sheets of half inch 4x8 plywood sealed in epoxy and the aluminum slide rails. the trailer shouldn't weigh more that 350 lbs. with the jack stands. of course it will depend to on what type of jackstands you use to.

That sounds like a lot. But don't know for sure cause I've never pulled a trailer with a bike

I have a small trailer I made out of the Harbor freight trailer. The deck folds up and sets on the ground with some legs I made. I post a couple picture of it

Motel!!!!!!! Camping for me is going to the Hilton and forgetting my tooth brush!!!!!!!!!!

Like a mate of mine says ... the only stars his wife sleeps under are "5 Stars"

that's just a rough guestimate Allen. I haven't built it yet so I really can't say for sure.there are some nice camping area in my area that cater to bikes the have both tenting spots and cabins at some very affordable rates.

I'll have to go look for it.

You guys get to NC we got some nice campgrounds that cater to bikers in fact they are biker only campgrounds they have both tent spots and cabins that are very nice to.

I don't have much camping experiance but last year I went out camping with my brother who really likes to go camping. He has a camping trailer behind his Goldwing and I bought a new little tent. Just a small one, but not that small I really can't turn arorund in the damned thing! Here is a little vid I made:

I really like the tent for several reasons. It's very small in a package, so it's easy and light and it fits in one of the bags of my bike. It's big enough for me and my luggage during the night...

Wish you lots of fun and safe travels!

That was great Gert I loved watching you set that tent that was funny as hell. it's clear your not the type for a tent. So if you ever come over here to the states and get to NC please contact me. I'll take you around to the biker only campgrounds we have here. not only do they have tent spots they also have some very nice cabins at some very low nightly rates they start at $20.00 per night for the cabins and go up to around $50.00 per night. they also offer an enclosed area for your bike as well.
After i get the new bike I 'm probably going to start out with some pretty basic stuff I know i have to buy all new camping gear. my old US army vietnam error issue down sleeping bag I think as seen it's last outdoor adventure every time I unroll it I find a new hole in the bag that needs to be stitched up. besides a down bag is the last thing you want down here in NC. and my old campfire coffee pot has a hole in the bottom from the last time my daughter borrowed it. the grandkids got a hold of my old mess kit and god only knows where that is. about the only thing I still have that works from all my old camping gear is my 12 inch cast iron fry pan. that's great for both cooking and as a weapon in a pinch if someone complains to loudly about the cooks cooking..lmao

My idea of camping is my 34ft motorhome. Dual A/C and heat. fridge for cold beer ,nice queen bed, hot shower. I can tow the bikes too. But I have done the bike tent thing and the trailer I built worked very well.

these two sites cater to bikers for camping.
Blue ridge campgrounds *not really my first choice but still a nice place to bed down.
Rider's Roost. alot of people recommend this one to me all the time.

I've towed a trailer for around 20 years now and in the last 6 years hanve been towing a camper trailer....still have tents etc.

Scruffy. You just described my MINIMUM standard. have standards?

Yes. Not high ones, but still higher than yours. Look at some of your friends. Starting with ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I've look at the camper trailer designs some dating back as far as the early 1950's that people made to tow behind there cars. I've even considered a pop up design that pretty much a box with tent canvas sides.the thing I've noticed about the harbor freight folding trailers is they are the same size as a 4X8 foot of plywood. which makes them ideal for making a popup tent style camper. the more i think about it the more I want to run right out and build

since the trailer doesn't have a bed on it I'll need a sheet of three quarter in plywood for the bed for the side walls another sheet of half inch 4X8 plus a half sheet for the two ends and three more sheets for the center deck and two fold out sides. a two 2x4 8 foot, one 1x2 12 foot board and 4 sheets of half inch plywood, 3 heavy duty piano hinges.six carriage bolts and nuts with lock washers.a box of 24 three quarter inch countersunk wood screws. 72 feet of fiberglass tape a gallon of epoxy resin and hardener. 2 gallons of gel folding trailer and a tent. 8 adjustable jack stands.32 feet of aluminum edge rail.yup in a bout two or three days I could have a real nice tag along.

Just make sure to use extreme care when working with the resin and gel coat. My first career was building fiberglass molds for the boating industry.

Looking forward to seeing the end result of your trailer project Sweet Daddy.

yea I've done fiberglass work before Edwin, my dad and I fiberglassed an old canvas covered freight canoe when i was 15 years old. he'd won the canoe in a poker game. on the maiden voyage of our first time on the water after we finished fiberglassing it 4 hour into our canoe trip I drove his fireman's axe through the belly of the boat. there something really annoying about being told you're not paddling hard enough by the guy in the back of the boat drinking the beer and not doing anything to help every time you look back. the canoe went down 40 feet from shore faster that the titanic. I was smart enough to jump ship with a 100 anchor line around my waist I only had to swim 20 to 30 feet to the sand bar where I could stand and pull the boat to shore. but i never got in another boat with him after that. I've also done some pretty extensive patch work on a few of my boats in the past as well.

yea Dub it's going to be a pretty interesting project for sure. you watch I get everything all prepped and ready to go and realize after getting it all together that I forgot something really important. like the trailer....lmao

gasjostrom I just posted some pictures of the trailer I built from the Harbor Freight trailer. It worked very well the few times I used it. The thing pulled good and I never really noticed that is was back there. I think Randy saw me pulling the thing. He knows..

I just go to walmart and pick up a cheap two man tent, sleeping bag and a queen air mattress, but a single will work. I have a mini fishing pole that will assemble to a full pole with reel. I usually buy roasting fork, but a stick will do. Scotch guard tent. Buy firewood when I get there and roast wienies, steak, or my fish catch. Buy some veges from local store. I have a aluminum pan kit that is compact. I fill my saddle bags and have a large bag that lies over saddle bags and rear seat which I bungee cord to bike same for sleeping bag which makes an awesome backrest. I also have a sissy bar bag for clothes and toiletries. Also a towel and pillow which is good for the butt when riding long distances. If it's a long distance trip, start with fresh tires.

thanks for the link edwin that's going to come in very handy in the near future.

yea scruffy it's official the new bike than the harbor freight 4X8 trailer. keep it in the shed till I'm ready to build it and put it behind the bike. than when I have all the materials to build it and register the trailer to. do everything all at once. on a friday be finished by monday morning and have the trailer legall and road ready by the time management for the complex see's it on monday afternoon. when they tell me I can't have the trailer I'll just give them my written notice and 30 days later hit the road. and start enjoying life again.

yea Drew I can't do the tent on the ground thing here in NC. Shortly after moving here I discovered I was highly allergic to fire ants so for me sleeping on the ground any place in the south is out of the question.I might try hammocking though .

Thanks for your offer! And you're right, I'm not the one who likes to go out camping but.... maybe in a few weeks I'll go again with my brother as we do a brothers weekend every year. We take our bikes and he his caravan trailer and I my tent.... we are planning to go this year to the north of Holland if the weather is good enough. I mean... not raining for the whole period. Otherwise we maybe go to Belgium, more to the south... but we go, so I have to take that damned tent again!!! LOL

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