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The Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round

The Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round,
By-Allan Brecht (DooD)
Life is like a Merry-Go-Round,
Some time's your up, And some time's your down,
But if your ride a Motorcycle, There is so much Joy to be found,
In the hills you ride up, And the hills you ride down,
And the corners you keep on going Around and Around,
So much Joy there is to be found, On the Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round.



Don't know if you came up with that poem or not but that's very true. Nice job

Yes I did Allen, Same as the other one's, Other wise I would not put my name to them as the Author, Thx for your Comment I-m so happy & some time's I have to go over them again as I muck up the English Language, If only Word's spelled as they sounded it would be so much easier LOL LOL

Keep them coming. Yes would be much easier we could spell them the way they sounded. Good job

Thx Mate I-m so happy

Allan a bit of a poet mate, very good, you should do a little book and have it published and I'm serious, you've got quiet a few good ones to get out there...

love em Dood, keep em coming. I have spoken English all my life and still find I the same issue.

Your amazing. I like the motorcycle merry go round and round

Thx all, My Twist of Speed poem was Published with a pic in Super Moto Motorcycle magazine Australia I-m so happy

Congrats on the pub!

Now that you are published, its time to head to the Pub!

Congrats Allan, well done on the publication

Thx all I-m so happy

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