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mototribe app for android?

Is there such a thing as a Cruise Community app for a Smart Phone? Is this a feasible idea?



There is... I use it. I just have to figure out where I got it LOL

OK I remember.... On your web search put in mototribe, of the options choose Cruiser Community (, once there on your phone push the button that brings up your settings and choose "add to home screen." That will give you a short cut to the site on your phone that works just like an app

That's it Val, I did the same. Don't use it very often, only to watch. I think it's a bit of a struggle to type comments on my phone! Damned small buttons!!! LOL

Awwwww do u have fat fingers????
Me too
I use it all the time when I am away from home. Gives me a way of staying in touch with the world so to speak Smiley-laughing

It's not about my fingers, it's a bloody small phone! Smiley-laughing

I have the internet link from my home page. I was hoping for an actual app.

I only use my phone, since we're not home enough to pay for internet. It's not worth it.

I do about the same Joyce, only if there is free wifi, and the possibities grow and grow very fast! At least here in Holland.

McDonald's usually has free Wi-Fi, and the Coffee Cup truck stops. Some of the franchise Pilot/Flying J's have free Wi-Fi, but most of the places we get to expect everyone to pay for Wi-Fi access. I'll have to see if I can figure out a way to get this stupidphone to allow me to share videos.

As a matter of passing interest, an Australian named John O'Sullivan is credited with 'inventing' WiFi.

Now that's interesting. What are the odds a biker would know something like that. LOL

Joyce, from what I know your video has to be uploaded from the phone to either Youtube or Vimeo first. Once there and completed, you get the URL paste link than you go the site here, add video and paste the link into that. Someone correct me if there is a way to go straight video from either Iphone or android straight to the video here on the site

Joyce, see my trial vid I uploaded using just my Iphone. You should be able to do it with your android phone also as long as you have wifi and a browser application.

Randy - did you go via Vimeo or YT ... or did you upload direct from phone to this site?

I went to Vimeo on this one. As far as I know, I don't think is is possible to load a video straight from the phone into the site. If you look at the add video on the computer, it has a record video link. I looked on my IPhone, that record video link is NOT there, thus one needs to go through youtube or vimeo to get the video URL.

I'll have to see if my phone will let me upload a video to YouTube. I've never tried.

Joyce, go to, sign in, then click on the upload link. It should auto search your phone for videos or pics. Then highlight the one you want to upload and go from there. Once done. the video will be given an URL, this is what you need to go to the site to put the video onto the site. This can all be done from your phone.

Use Chrome or Internet on your phone and search for cruiser mototribe.
When the cc page comes up to join or log in, Log in but don't hit enter. Save it to home screen then enter. It will add a mototribe icon on your screen.
When you click on the icon, your profile page will come up ready with your sign in info then Sign In.

Thanks Terry! That's a good one..... I didn't know that!

I have two Mototribe icons on my phone. One for standard internet and one for Chrome.

Yeah, thanks, all. I already have the web site linked. I was hoping there might be an app, so I could see if that would get me around some of the picture issues that several of us have been experiencing lately, and so that I can share videos from YouTube. For some reason, Straight Talk has certain use restrictions in place that I don't have the ability to upload pics or video to YouTube from this phone, and I can't share YouTube videos anywhere. I haven't had a computer the whole time I've been on Mototribe, so this has been quite a while that I've been trying to figure out a way to do this. I was hoping that a Mototribe app would be the answer, but there obviously isn't one. Thanks, everyone, anyway.

Have you tried using vimeo

No, I don't know anything about vimeo.

Give it a shot. Go on line and check them out

Val's right. I've been using Vimeo for a few years now for all my video uploads. It's free and also has a pay version where you can upload up to 5gb per month.

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