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Mototribe Site versus Facebook

Seems that the inevitable has arrived with regard to our "legacy" website versus Facebook's splendid platforms for all types and kinds of everything.  This is my farewell to this platform but not to my CCC pals and gals on here!

As I log in here, I continue to think that it might be time to wrap this site up simply because dividing one's time between this and FB is rather pointless. I notice our legendary leader Uwe has not logged-in here for a month and appears to no longer work for CCC, so says his Profile here.  No problem, I think we've all seen this coming but nostalgia over the early beginnings makes it hard to part with this platform. However, FB has 1200 members now.  I have not seen much open discussion amongst us regarding this transition, so perhaps this may be that very thing.

Along with the "legacy" site that our CCC mototribe site has become, I notice so many folks are gone who used to be prominent on the site.  I miss them a bit. Seems life has caught up with them for whatever reasons.  I recall when we actually "built" aspects of this site, the contests, the first videos (imagine that?), the conflicts, the Safety Page (whoops! that was mine), and the emergence and disappearance of Roadie?  I miss Marek's continual updates which won't be the same on FB I'm afraid. 

But our world has changed since I joined in 2005, and we must accept it before they simply pull the plug on CCC and this site loses its connection to its mothership, the Store, Cruiser Customizing.  And perhaps they wil not.  But the signs are around us that this is coming. 

Therefore, I am terminating my role as Safety Guy, and also special thanks to our faithful who made that list!  And I will leave my Profile up until they unplug us.  However, I will probably shift my attention to FB as little as I like it, as it seems that is where it has all gone and where everything is piling up digitally.  I regret that FB sort of makes each of us a bit less individual but that is the post-modern world, ambiguous talking heads...Its fast and lively but not so personal.  Your postings are gobbled up by other postings so that your thoughts and comments are just more little words upon words upon meaningless words with Likes and smiles to boot.

I think over the years, we've shared a special energy together which is rather special.  From now, it will be a bit different.  The world has changed.  Regrets, it was so enjoyable to travel together!  I remain in South Carolina, am still sailing and riding every single day.  You, my friends remain so, and my email is available and door is open. 


1997 Valkyrie




Cheers mate!

I could copy and paste my comment as I wrote it on the picture you posted at about the same time you add this discussion, because I would write the same again...

See you my friend!

A few further thoughts on the website: at its height, this site had 100k members and the pass-thru rate was several 100k per month--as I was told. With our fearless leader now gone, what is left has no continuity other than to feed the store, CCC. I've ordered from CCC and appreciate them yet feel that the disconnect between this site and store is not the link that holds folks together, it is the shared-experience this forum promoted. Perhaps a management decision, and I understand. Yet, in these changing days of platforms for this sort of experience, this was a singularly productive one which now has been left on its own w/o support other than the superb volunteers, many who I have come to call friends here. The site now has a limited existence and I feel my contributions are only for my personal satisfaction, not a broader website goal--safe motorcycling and camaraderie amongst membership. It may now provide a passive site for this and a trickle to the store. It is a sad eventuality to what was once a very good shared experience. Perhaps it would have been a better decision on the part of CCC to simply close this and push to FB. As it is, this will not remain without website administration and assistance from CCC. Regrets.

Sorry to see you go skeep. I'm going down with the ship. As long as it keeps going I'll be here and still running the video contest. CCC is my biking family and not my own family or relatives. They are on FB with my original account. I'm not really keen with Facebook as it tries to control who your friends are, but I have another identity just for bikes and ccc friends. Tezza Sebrof.
The cc community has gone through some changes but there are still good times and memories on the site. Don't let it go to waste. Enjoy it while it's still here.

I will never use facebook

I have also followed in Tezzas foot steps and opened as 2nd Facebook Account which is strictly for my CCC family.
This account wil be dedicated to motorcycles only
It will still appear as Matt Curry but will also have (The Phantom) after my name, the same profile picture as my CCC account and my back ground picture will be my MATT01 patch.
I will post a picture here asap.


I find community sites like cruiser.mototribe as against Facebook are better where it concerns discussions because they can be better categorize and managed making it easier and more convenient to search a specific topic discussion. That is why I specifically ventured into this website. I also find feedbacks much quicker than in Facebook and by looking up a member's profile and see the depth of his/her knowledge and experience. If time not permitting, I would be a less active member but I would not leave such as site as this.

I don't overly care for Facebook. My Daughter-in -Law lives on it like a personal Diary. TMI ! If your looking for Roadie I sent him to Biker Animal. We saw him there briefly. I guess he still has him. Now I did hand wright BA a letter checking on him a wile back and he hasn't responded. Since I have his address. I can PM any one who wants it and go and bang on his door and see what's up. Just a thought.

Xero, it would be nice to know he's ok.

I can PM his address to you if you want. The letter was not returned. So I guess he got it.

Yeah, send it to me. You never know....he might respond.

See also Val and Allen's offers, in another post, to have Roadie sent to either of them COD if the cost of postage is an issue.

I would like to see just 1 (one) only Facebook site for CCC members. I'm sick of of seeing the same posts on all the sites. Let's have a discussion and decide. Make it a secure group for ccc members only. We don't need family etc. Involved. That's why I have two FB accounts.

That makes three of us Peter.

I am here to the bitter end. I think just like every other greedy company this one will find a way to sale this site to another motorcycle sales company who will maintain it. This is value here, and there is value to each of us to have communication remain open like it is. Someone will want to make a buck off this site and someone will buy in hopes of sales to us for maintenance. Keep the faith...this site has value because of you. Facebook is fine, but don't shut the doors to this site, you are what makes it valuable.

I think that if we all pitched in a dollar and agreed to a $1 month fee we could buy this site and find another sponsor to give us our $13 back for the site, even if it was double discounts toward a product. Who would want this site?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well I think you get the message. Let hope motor-tribe gets it. We are what make this site valuable, don't blow it. This site ain't worth shit without us. I've tried on many occasions to throw CC some business, but they have no inventory or discontinued pasted over their products. Give us to a company who wants sales from us who have inventory and a business plan to stay in business. Wake up and stop alienating us. You lose value each time someone leaves. "Dough!!!" is doing real well from Aussies at the moment

As most of you know by now, Annie and I havent been on here much lately. Available time is one reason and the site has lost its drive since Uwe and the CC team were moved on. I agree with Skeep that things have changed, some people have changed and some are not who they present themselves to be. I value all the good friends I have made on here and still keep in touch with most of those on facecrack. My acct will stay open and I will check in from time to time. Stay safe everyone and keep the rubber down

Drop by when you can Adrian. There is the "Friends from Cruiser Customizing" fb group (previously C C Members) and the CC Guys group on fb you can visit also. I'll be at all three until they cease or I do.

Thanks Al, Im on the FB pqges too, most of the time just looking. The good part ab I ut facebook is I can block the Walter Mittys who pretend to be ex military. You and the guys in Sydney a r e always on our friends list and will always be welcome in our home. So get your ass over here for a holiday!

If the site is no longer, then look up That will be where I have gone. Tezza and I have played with it a bit. The only thing on diaspora, do NOT put in bikes as your like. It refers to bicycles. Need to say motorcycles.

Thanks Adrian....but South Australia isn't quite specific enough for your address. Lol.

Dont want to give too much away Al. Phil ciuld be listening

It's ok. He can't read.

Its only a problem when he uses crayons on the screen.

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