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Mounting Bike

Whitch side do you mount your bike from? The last ride we went on , we stoped and another bike got to close for me to mount from the left. I procceeded to mount from the right. He told me to wait he'd move, so I could mount from the left. He told me it was bad luck to mount from the right. Would like everyon\e's take on this. Tezza, I know you mount from the right, so would very much like to hear what you have to say as well as everone else





Normally I mount on the left. but if my leg is acting up i get on from the right

Well it didn't scare me. I went on and mounted from the right. I try to mount from the left, though

I don't know anything about matters of superstition but, technically , one should always mount from the left ie the side that is leaning on the sidestand ; and the forks/bars should be on full left lock. It's all a matter of balance and making sure the weight of the mounting rider doesn't unsettle the stance of the bike and tip it over.

That said, there will always be circumstances , such as Allen and Valerie describe, when mounting from the right is more practical. When I hurt my left leg on my trip around Aus, I couldn't put any weight on it for 2-3 days. Mounting from the left was very painful. I did mount from the right side for those 2-3 days but I always had to be very particular about how I parked the bike so that it was stable.

As long as stability isn't an issue, I'm tall and my bike is low so I get on from whatever side I walk up to. If any thought of stability being bad it's left side only.....and I have no concerns about superstition.

I have to mount from the left but do it slightly different than most. Step up on the foot board and step over with my right foot. The joys of a sidecar.

Lol, Edwins

From the left only because thats the way it leans on the stand i wish i could from the right becuz my left leg is fractured doctor wanted to put a cast i said no he said how about a brace so i asked will i be able to bend it he said no so i ssid no i ended up limping out of jis office nut i can still ride my point is a fracture aint broke so dont try to fix it

Allen, I always mount from the left. I have mounted from the right a couple of times when I had bad left knee pains.

Tezza, my name is jim lol but i get yhe pain point. The way i look at it pain is temporary kinda like my first and second marriages The third is on shaky ground too.see my master plan was to have 6 exwives so they could carrymy casket but im 51 and only half way there . Any advice lol

Jim, that's brilliant, LMAO

Not if you keep talking like that. Lol

Still funny shit

I mount it from either side, except after riding for 2 hours, then the only option is from the left side. My legs and ass stiffen up. At that point thats all I can do.

Jim, you have a long way to go yet. Keep at it young man. Smiley-wink

The left side for me, simply because the bike is leaning that way on the stand...

Tezza, i think your right . My high school sweetheart just texted me and reminded me I AM STiLL YOUNG. So it looks like the end of an inning 3 up/ 3 down on to number 4. My first bike was a Yamaha dt250 which i mounted from behind becuz it had no stand so i just parked it between 2 trees run up behind it and hopped on. Now dammit she was a fun ride, the Yamaha, i mean lol

Be careful, Jim. They may have you cremated and flushed.

The Vulcan either way, but now I've fitted the topbox in place of the pillion seat I challenge anyone to be able to throw their leg high enough to clear it from the left side hence I mount from the right.

The triumph tiger on the other hand has to be mounted from the left and like a horse up on the peg ( stirrup ) to make an easy mount of it

With your long legs Spratty getting on and off any bike would be a breeze. Riders with duck's disease ... like me!! ... always struggle LOL

Vardy thats funny because my legs arent that long all my height is in my body length and I'm the shortest in my family all the others are over

Spratty ... taller than me and longer legs than mine ... but that's not hard .... lol!!

Mate that is true but you do ok. One of Nobbys mates who lives on the Gold Coast is 5'1" and rides a Goldwing

Have always mounted from the left.

Cruisers being so low it doesn't really matter too much whether you mount from the left or the right it's what feels don't remember how you mount it but you do remember how you ride it!

Edwin, i hadn't thought of that you could have started with dust in the wind butt no you went right to the plop n flush.
Well i guess thats better than being used as kitty litter
Either way ill bet its just like life ill be surrounded by sh*t but somehow scoot through CLEAN

It also depends on what color i was wearing that day. If I was all dressed up in pink, I would defendately mount it from the left, but if I was wearing Black, I would mount it either way.

At my age Allen any mount will do. LOL. Sorry left for me only.

Isnt there some saying like left is right and right is wrong
I know it cant mean politics

All of you are really SICK people, mounting motorcycles. LOL You must listen to this link to get the reference I just made, Caution, can be consider rude and crude, but then again isn't that the stereotype of bikers?

Triumphin, you are "obviously" one twisted ,sick ,depraved and morally bankrupt human being. BROTHER how have you been i had no idea we got separated at birth. Thats some funny sh*t man . Oh and just for the record , that goat winked at me first. Keep the rubber on the road BROTHER

Glad you enjoyed it Wasteddaze. Look up all of the other Mr. Obvious tunes from Bob and Tom. Some funny stuff. It is my listening stuff when I'm on a long drive in the cage.

I just googled it thats some crazy funny stuff man

Depends what side I am standing beside!!!!!!!

Phil, It is a good thing you said which "side" if it was the back side I would be worried about you. See my comment above talking about you sick people and click on the youtube link.. You will then know what this references too.

Hey guys, so 4 days ago wife #3 got nosey and was looking through my phone and saw i have been texting with my high school sweetheart then came to me and said "if you miss her that bad go be with her" so i did. I got home a few hours ago and she had moved out and left me a note telling me where to go to file for divorce, like i need to be told where to file. She's #3. I have 1 question and 1 comment. Didn't she give me permission when she said go be with her. I thought she agreed to an "open marriage". Now my comment Dont live with your dreams in your head or in your heart, go for it life is short besides you may just have the best 4 days you've had in 30 plus years I DID

Whoops, my mistake she didnt tell me where to go to file for divorce. She told me where to GO and file for divorce. Sorry for the mix up IM TIRED LOL

Oh my, can't give you much advice, I've been married to the one and only for 34 years. She puts up with me so I count my blessings.

Well triumphin i think in my case its for the best because I feel 34 years younger. Truth be told I've never been able to shake my feeling for my first love and now i dont have to try anymore. With any luck I'll live another 34 years with her in my life and i can say i learned it from watching you.

I best not touch this

Me either

Oh go ahead, swing for the fences i can take it

Triumphin. I did. You are a sick demented bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's funny stuff but you are still a sick demented bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As they say, you need to be careful around the "quiet ones". And I'm getting more demented as I get older. At least my daughter tells me that she'll do her damnest not to put me in a nursing home. Hopefully I just splat out one day while riding (like when they say you shouldn't be riding anymore)

I swing from the left side, 2 reasons, I used to ride horses and you always mount from the left, and 2nd the exhaust can get hot on your leg trying to get on from the right.......

Left, the low side, to a shorty that matters!

I say nutting. I never do short jokes. They don't last long enough!!!!!!!!!

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