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Mounting bracket??

I read in the description that there is supposed to be a "Chrome Plated Universal Bracket." I received my tach today and there is no mounting bracket. There is a bracket attached to the tach, but is there supposed to be a bracket to attach to the handlebars?




The bracket they speak of is visible in the photo and the tack is not intended to be handlebar mounted out of the box. The bracket is attached to the tach and you can see the mounting hole there at the bottom. You loosen your riser bolts, remove one forward bolt completely and then slide the tach in place and replace the bolt. If you want to handlebar mount it, a Clamp like this is a good way to go:
Highway Hawk Three Piece Clamp
Kuryakyn P Clamp

Thanks for the reply. Sorry it took so long to get back. Haven't been on here in a few weeks. Got it mounted. Local shop had a nice chrome Mirror mount that was perfect for it. Mounted between the risers.

Ah Brian, necessity is the mother of invention. I often go to my local bike wrecker. He used to say "What are you looking for"....I'd say "I don't know, I haven't found it yet". He soon found that I bought things that had no obvious relevance to the bikes I owned.... I adapted them for other uses. Cheap way of doing stuff too as well as making them one offs. Glad to see you have your tach fitted.

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