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Mounting hardware

Do these bags include mounting hardware or do you need to purchase the hardware separately. Thanks




To my knowledge, no set of saddle bags come with brackets.
This being said, I would suggest these brackets:

Edge manufactures their own brackets, designed to fit your bike , and the Edge bags, specifically. The beauty of the system is it makes it very simple (a matter of a few seconds) to take the bags off your bike, or to lock them securely on. And your bike will look great either way.

Hey mate , nah these baby's do not come with hardware . But are a very very strong bag good size . I Recomend using easy brackets with these so you can use them how there were designed for to take on and off thats why there the hard mount with hard back . You will not regret these bags i love them . Can carry everything you need and come with a clip on sling thing so you can carry them into work / school ect . Plus the easy brackets come with a key so they lock to your bike Smiley-laughing hope that helped mate .

Thanks Guys, I have ordered these bags with the easy brackets. Cant wait to put them on.

You're welcome. Glad that we could help.

Bit of advice I Recomend with the easy brackets , they say to just use your stock nuts . Don't spend the 3 bucks and get lock nuts as I used the stock ones and it came lose just noticed before it fell off ... Luck when changing them over to lock nuts I seen a couple of the others were beginning to losen also , I honestly don't no why they weren't nylon locking nuts anyway for a motorcycle . I guess because they were mechanically put on an sealed from factory

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