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Mounting sidecar

just purchased a classical rocketeer sidecar from great sports inc. the mounting instructions were terrible. I’m trying to put on a 1500 gold wing. I have never had a sidecar before, or even seen how one is mounted. I would appreciate if someone could send me some pictures, and instructions on how to safely install this car . I am planning for my 6 year old grandson to ride in this thing. Please help.




I'm a proud member of the USCA.
My opinion: I wouldn't do it. There is a US made sidecar with the same name. The Great Sports nee' Safer Wholesale models are not Here's the US makers site.
Take a look.
I don't think a scooter sidecar should be used on a Goldwing.

Hi Eddie... I was breezing through the discussions when I came across yours ...I did a little research and found this (it may not be a safe product)
...a testimonial ...

...and it seems this place does not have a good track record

BTW ... welcome to the site ...Great people ..were always looking out for one another

Hi there, I don't have experience of mounting a side cart, but I'm starting to like this idea and perhaps I'll switch to a bigger motorcycle and pair it with a side cart one day. So a quick google search showed up a couple of nice youtube videos, that may be even more helpful than the regular written know times change hehe

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