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multiple bikes

how can we add multiple bikes to our profile....sorry for such a remedial question just couldn't figure it out.




I don't know if you can now that they don't maintain the site, since the sale from CC. You could post pictures of them. Then everyone will know what you have. I have three also and only have the 07 on the profile.

Welcome, I'm from Washington State. I have 07 Stratoliner, 2014 Stratoliner Deluxe and a
2017 Indian Vintage. Been on a bike scene 1963

Welcome jeffrsports from Australia.
Scruffy, if you’ve been on a bike since 1963, perhaps you should get off it nd stretch your legs bit!!!!!!!

Phil it's hard to walk with these bow legs I have. Walking is overrated. I ride everywhere. OH I now have the Smurf bike I can set in it.

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