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Multiple coupon codes feature

When you are in the checkout form from the store, we should be able to add more than 1 coupon code.
Eg: 25% off freight as well as a survey code etc...
This sometimes is the decision maker when I purchase from CC.



Hi Steve,

Unfortunately we cannot allow multiple coupon codes to be used on the site. Every promotion that is offered to our customers is carefully thought out and planned by our Marketing team. We strive to offer the best value we can on everything we promote. But if we allowed multiple coupon codes to be used we would be losing money on most transactions. We do offer a total price match guarantee, which means we will match the combined price of the same items and shipping if you find it advertised somewhere else. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hey, fair is fair. When a restaurant offers a coupon it usually says that it can not be used with any other coupon or special offer. Just how much is a business supposed to give away?

I make the decision to deal (or not deal) with a business based on the service they give. I'm not going to beat someone up for the "best rock-bottom price." I simply want good service at a fair price and Cruiser Customizing offers that. Thanks CC!

Geeze Bob...are you on the payroll now? lol Yeah, we have the freight deals and then I have a few of those discount cards that come with a delivery...... it would be nice to add them all together...but then in a months time there'd be no more CC or CCC.....

+ last time I entered my coupon the system took off the price less amount than I had on my coupon.
I also have several -5$ coupons and some for the survey... the'll expire I think

I think you can take shipping discount off and a gift certificate at the same time as a gift certificate is the same as money paid. So solution enter more video & photo contests

Goodonya Dennis!

I placed an order today and used the "50% off shipping code", then tried to use my code for another $10 off for a survey I filled out a while back, but it didn't accept it. It said I could only use one coupon code.
I think it would be great if we could convert our gift coupons (codes) into CC reward points?

Send it to new website ideas!

how many gift codes can we use at one time?

Just 1 mate. :(

Can we get price match and coupon code ??

Good idea Johnny.

Think that would have to be done by a phone order though.

I'm sure email would work. Never needed to price match.

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