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Mussy front brake on 03 RoadKing

I have had my bike serviced and my front brake does not grab till the lever is half the way in,
I was told thats because it a old touring bike brake
I bleed the lines and still have the same issue
Master cylinder was also replaced
The brake pads look good
Iam going to replace them next
Has any one else had this issue




Get a spray can of brake cleaner, shop rags and your new pads. Your most likely culprit is sticky caliper pistons from accumulated road grime. Remove the caliper and old pads. Have someone squeeze the brake lever so the pistons are extended. Use the spray and clean them completely as possible. This is a known problem. Whoever told you that BS is an embrassment to bike mechanics.
Here's a couple of presents. Oh, yeah. Welcome to the site. Join in and make friends.

What Edwin said. I clean my pistons when ever I change my pads. They tend to grab a lot of dust

Thx for your help
I will let you know how I make out

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