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Mustang Seats For Yamaha Bolt

Mustang Seats has just released several new seats, a couple of rear fender bibs and two new tank bibs for the Yamaha 950 Bolt. Mustang is famous for making the most comfortable seats on the market. They start by spending a huge chunk of time designing the seat base. The seat base sets the tone for how comfortable a seat will be and Mustang sculpts their seat bases with the goal of repositioning the rider to eliminate pressure on the tailbone and lower back. During this painstaking process, they also focus on shoulder, arm and hand position to eliminate pressure and position the rider in the most natural riding position possible. Once the Mustang Seat engineers are satisfied with their seat base design, they manufacture the seat bases using marine grade fiberglass. Most aftermarket seat manufactures make their seat bases out of molded plastic or sheet metal, but Mustang does not cut corners.

The marine grade fiberglass base will last the lifetime of your motorcycle and will not scratch your frame or components under the seat because Mustang uses a material that looks much like indoor-outdoor carpet on the seat base where it will make contact with your motorcycle, to ensure that your paint is protected.

Mustang has spent years developing a proprietary foam compound that is gentle yet firm and that will not breakdown over time. A soft seat is not always a comfortable seat and firm seat is not always an uncomfortable seat. Mustang has found the perfect balance of firmness and cushion that will keep you riding longer in greater comfort.

A Mustang Seat is one of the best investments that you can make in your motorcycle if you plan on spending a lot of time in the saddle and a Mustang Passenger Seat will ensure that your passenger is just as comfortable as you are. Yamaha 950 Bolt owners should check out Mustang's new seat collection for the Bolt.



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Yamaha 2014 bolt
Rider with backrest and passanger seat
Best delux soft comfortable seat you have.

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