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My battery dies all the time

I recently got a 2005 1100 classic everything was fine until I added a aftermarket USB adapter to the battery. According to the package it shouldn't draw power while the bike is off. Now the battery won't stay charged when I turn it over it sounds like a tattoo gun buzzing and the check engine light goes on. I jump it and it runs fine. Besides just taking off the usb does this sounds like any other problem?




are you sure its the usb? charge it and disconnect the usb and see what happens. could just be a starter problem

Cool Video Edwin ... you always find the best stuff !

ake your neg leads off and then replace again , see if you get a small spark whilst connecting. that would tell you you are drawing power of of one of them. chances are it is your usb . if so then you need to connect the pos to power when inigtion is switched on.

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