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My bike looses all power when accelerating

I just bought a used 2007 V-Star 1100 classic with 3500 miles on it the guy said it had been sitting for a few months so I changed plugs gas oil and filter but the bike looses power when I accelerate. If I hold the throttle it almost completely shuts off. I found a crack in one of the AIS lines but not sure if that would cause this problem or maybe I need the carbs cleaned and adjusted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



3700 miles on a 07? It's sat for more than a few months. Get a bright flashlight and look inside the gas tank to see if it has rust. Check the date code on the tire sidewalls. Rubber ages and deteriorates.Drain the master cylinder, refill and bleed the lines.
Try running some Seafoam through the carbs. It that doesn't help, they will need to be disassembled and cleaned.
I personally think the the ais is a government pita. You can temporally bypass it by rerouting the air hoses at the air pump. I think the metal lines look good in a recycle bin and you can buy a kit or use .45 shells to plug the cylinder head inlets.

Mine had sat for four years before I bought it and it did the exact same thing. The tank was full of rust
so I bought another (clean) tank at Ebay. I put new kits in both carbs and that fixed it.

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