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My bike wont start any help?

250 honda rebel , it cranks but it wont start i put in a new battery and it just dies on my mid ride dont know what it can be any help please




UPDATE: I see your bike stalled "mid ride" - I didn't see that the first time - I think that's what you are saying...

How do you get it started again if it died mid-ride? OR maybe you're saying it died mid-ride and it's not running yet - I'll assume that's what it is... and I'll leave my original post attached in case something helps there...

This sounds like an air/fuel issue to me. Check the air filter, and if the gas in the tank has been there a long time, then shake the bike back and forth to mix it up, but really you should drain it and replace it - ehtanol will seperate and leave the gas, making it un-burnable after a period of a few months or more, if no additives are put inside the gas.

ORIGINAL ANSWER: You didn't tell us much, so let's start with the easy stuff - Assuming you are using electric start... is your engine ON switch (kill switch) set to ON, and the key is ON?

Do you smell gas, or see any gas anywhere? If the gas is bad, it won't combust in the cylinder, but you can often still smell it when you try to start the engine a lot. If you smell it, you may want to look for spark... especially if you changed the gas already.

If the bike has been sitting for more than a few months or longer, remove the gas and replace it. If it is carbureted, you may also have to empty the carburetor bowl, but you might be able to run the old gas through by long start attempts - this won't always work before you run out of battery. Was it just gassed up recently? It's possible to get water with gas on rare occasions - additives to the gas tank like cleaners can cause the gas not to burn also, especially if you put too much in. Less likely is the fuel filter, fuel pump mesh filter, fuel pump, and carburetor itself. Shake the bike back and forth to mix the gas, if you have any additives in there - this can mix it up and POSSIBLY make the fuel burnable again - if you get lucky.

If it ran recently, and just won't start this time, remove the spark plugs and set the tip on the cylinder head, with the spark plug wire attached. Turn engine over, (engine switch on, and ignition key on)... if spark is visible, you might be OK as far as spark.

A service manual (google search) can take you through other procedures to test fuel pressure and intake vacuum and more, to determine how some other things look - but you might want to consider service if replacing the gas or spark tests don't show anything obvious. Good luck - let us know.

Your symptoms also match a YouTube video I just watched - it's about the crankshaft sensor. I would check that out. Does you bike have a digital display for any codes? I'd recommend looking into the service manual and following the procedure for testing the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP).

This bike has been in my garage for about 3 years. It was purchased brand new, and has rarely been ridden. It was my son's bike. He was killed on the job with a tree company in Feb. 2017. I am too old to ride it. I want to sell it, if I can get it running. I put a new battery on it last week, and it started fine, but backfired a lot. 3 days later I went to start it, and all I got was the click, click, click sound of a dead battery. It was fully charged when installed and put on a tender. It is a 2003 Suzuki 1400 with 7300 miles. WHAT IS GOING ON?

I don't know what is going on here - Posting at top is by Skittlenuts with a 250 Honda Rebel - Posted 3 Months Ago ... Obviously it looks to be an OLD Posting with NO Activity for 3 Months ....
AND NOW, it appears that joaniecutshaw has jumped into this posting and maybe trying to get some help regarding information on a 2003 Suzuki Intruder 1400 ....
joaniecutshaw - Perhaps may be best to Post your Question/s with in a Separate NEW Posting of your Own, rather than try and Hijack an Old Posting ...
Take Care ...

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