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My Favorite GL1800 Goldwing Tires

Summer is coming to an end and we are starting to head into winter, or "maintenance season" as I like to call it. If you've been on the Cruiser Customizing site lately, you have no doubt noticed that we recently launched a tire guide that provides all kinds of helpful information on tire selection and tire maintenance. Winter is the perfect time to go over your bike and inspect your tires, driveline, brakes, cables, air filter, oil and filter, battery, etc... etc... to make sure that you are ready to ride again as soon as possible.

My daily ride is a 2002 Honda GL1800 Goldwing. In the12 years that I've been riding it, I gone through several sets of tires from most major manufactures. To me, tires are one of the most critical safety features on my motorcycles. That small contact patch is the only thing between me and the road, so I tend to be real particular when it comes to my tire choices. I'm sure that you are the same. It seems like most riders that I talk with tend to have strong feelings about their tire choice. Say anything bad about them and an argument will surely breakout. Uwe has just put together a new page on the Cruiser Customizing site that lists the best tire choices for Honda GL1800's which naturally started a discussion among the staff about what our favorite tires are.

Having strong feelings, I could not help but throw out my opinion. My favorite GL1800 Tires are the Bridgestone G704 Rear and G709 Front: For me the Bridgestone G704 and G709 tires have the perfect combination of durability and traction. The rubber compound is soft enough that the tires never lose grip or feel sketchy. They always feel connected and offer great feedback on every road surface. So far, they are the longest wearing tires that I have run on my GL1800. With some tires that I've used in the past, the bike felt almost like it was falling into the corners. I attributed this to a "high peak center type" design that caused the bike to transition too quickly and flop into the corners once leaned off of the high center peak. The Bridgestone G704/ G709 tires have a nice smooth radius that allows the bike to smoothly lean into corners and transition from left to right and right to left on twisty roads very predictably. There is never any guessing as to how the tires are going to react and they inspire confidence that my bike will always be connected to the road

Please take into account that "free advice is worth what you pay for it" when I say that I recommend the Bridgestone G704/ G709 combo for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing.



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