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My luck holds out...

   Stopped at a drug store last Saturday night to get some medicine for my wife on my ride home.  As I was checking out, some stupid wench came into the store and told me she just backed over my bike with her pickup. 

    Of course, she had no license nor insurance.   Waiting to see what my insurance is going to do right now.  Frown




OMG!!! That's realy bad news! No license, no insurence.... What can you do now?

Waiting for my insurance to pay out.

Lot damaged? It took a long time Valerie got something payed from the insurance... Can you still ride?

That sucks. Hopefully things work out for you

Wouldn't want to ride with it looking like that... I'm pretty anal about my bike.
The front fender, tank, hypercharger, rear turn signal bullet, and pipes look like they were polished with a brick, and the right mirror snapped off.

So your bike is realy damaged and not a bit! I hope the insurance will pay it all. I can understand you want it to be finished first before you go for a ride, even when it would be possible... Wish you all the best Paul and I hope it will not take to much time....

Thanks, Gert.

Man ... that stinks . People doing things like that shouldn't be able to walk away without some consequences.

That just sucks ....bad.

That's terrible news.
I hope you get it sorted soon

That sort of thing is enough to give a turd the shits. Hope you get it sorted soon and the wench gets hers.

Unfortunately the laws here tend to favor those people as their isn't much consequence against them. It used to be crime didn't pay, but I'm beginning to see that as not so. Most people get a slap on the wrist for infractions that i would impose as much harsher, especially after the 2nd or more similar infraction.
Hopefully your insurance covers you well.

There is only one good thing that happened here; the woman came looking for you and acknowledged that she backed into your bike so insurance can't argue otherwise!.
It's obvious from your photos how meticulous you are with you bike Paul, it's always immaculate, so I can only imagine how devastated you must have been. Hope Insurance comes good.
Keep us posted.

I had a similar thing. Went to fuel up. A guy in front was fuelling up. Watched me ride in to the pump behind him. I went in to pay and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him back into my bike and knock it over. I looked at the damage and told him what I thought it would cost. He couldn't believe it. He spoke to a guy at his work who agreed with my guess at the cost. I got pricing and fortunately he paid up.

Terrible, just terrible! From your description, it sounds like damage is superficial and affected parts can be replaced or fixed. At least the woman stopped to find you to let you know that she screwed up. But, with the incident taking place in a parking lot and not on the road, there's no "moving violation" at play. It will be interesting how your insurance will react...

Yeah, except for $1200 in body and paint work.

totally foul. too bad it would probably cost you that much in attorney fees to take the person to court to make them pay it even it takes them the rest of the life to do it.

Your state must not have laws that force all cars to be insured. Your insurance can go after her for their costs.

Yes it does, however it is not In effect on private property.

A bit of good news: My insurance company, Foremost, has settled this claim with a reasonable pay out for repairs.

Great news, I suppose getting the bike fixed at this time of the year is a much better option than at the beginning of the riding season.

Well done !

Sounds good Dub!!!

Good to hear .

Yeah, first time EVER that a shop owner called me and asked when he could get started, as opposed to the brush off... "We're behind."

It's hard to believe but miracles do happen. You'll be back on the road in no time.

Good to hear they have looked after you Paulie. Hope it's all sorted quickly.


Thats a fantastic out come.
Always stick by your guns & dont ever back down.

Hi oldschoolpaulie -
Glad you got your situation sorted - I have a similar problem here, on 3rd Oct last month, a 79 year old woman driver wanted a car park on the left side of the road and decided to push me and my bike into it with her Subaru - Wonderful hey .... Still recovering with right leg issues after it was squashed between here left front fender and the air cleaner on the vulcan ... no broken bones just a huge hematoma in my right calf muscle that will take months to heal and meanwhile the insurance company is still stuffing around trying to get it sorted out, but I was determined to get my bike rideable for my 64th birthday on 15th Oct and I damnwell did and I enjoyed my birthday ride like you wouldn't believe because I never thought I would ever have made 64 ... and I am still going but waiting on insurance is a real pain - only superficial damage to the bike as was only low speed impact about 25kph maybe -
So, VERY HAPPY for you with getting some action on sorting out your bike for you - Getting so you have to park behind the Servo next time hey ....
Cheers & Ride Safe -

Scary. Glad you weren't hurt worse.

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