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I have a 1997 suzuki marauder 800 and it's been bobbed out by previous owners and wires are a mess but it ran fine when I first got it. Then one day it started cutting out to where it sounded like it was running on one cylinder. I have rebuilt the carbs new fuel pump new plugs and coils and cleaned the tank it still does the same thing. Then I done some research and thought maybe it was the stator so I replaced it but when I did the bike wont even start now just hits a lil and trys to run. Then sometimes it just back fires real bad. But I can put the old one back in and it will fire right up but runs like crap when u get on the road and give it gas


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Download and save this. I use Adobe Reader which is free, to open pdf files.
Since your wiring is jacked up, it's the first suspect. Do the easy thing first. Clean and check your grounds, especially the main one from the battery. If I had a dollar for each lost hour that not doing that has cost, I'd be having lunch with Bill Gates.
I highly recommend buying a complete wiring harness on ebay and redoing the system. It will get rid of that worry in the back of your mind.
Did you synch the carbs? Check for vacuum leaks?
The deal with the stator points me toward a electrical issue.
Check Chapter 7. Take a look at page 20. I would check the ignitor unit and connections and the stator connections.
Hope this helps.

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