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need help with leak on rear cylinder by engine mount

i have notice a small leak near the rear of teh engine close to teh engine mount and the exaust manifold  any one can tell me how to stop the leak or tell me were it may be coming from , i really cant tell



Exhaust or intake manifold?

Cool What kind of leak?? Coolant , Oil , Exhaust ? What make of bike? When did it start?  Kinda HARD to give any help with this little information..Cry  Need more info..Cool

well you left out a bit  exhaust  you goneing to have to replace gasket with new one drive it a bit like a day or two and then retight if the bike is new now try retighting it new bike the nut willback off   . oil same thing replace if coolant stop ride it and replace NOW

Yeah, not really enough info, if it is the exhaust manifold you're lucky as a simple tightening might solve the problem,,can't see any fluid coming from that though, Front or Back of the bike, situated near your oil filter, or not, clean up the bike especially around the area of the fuel leak, make sure your oil is topped up, start the bike and look to see if you can see where the leak is coming from, could be a gasket, or it could even be from an improper oil filter seal,,the wind will move the fluid, also check your hoses, and clamps,,

Sorry just noticed you said the back of the bike, do as Clyde suggests, especially untill you find the cause, then top up clean up and watch what happens under pressure, (idling)

sorry about that i realized a i left a bit of info out there now..  teh bike is  an 02 750 spirit..

i whent home and took the head fins covers off and the tank just to get a clear view of what im going to have to deal with and discover that it is oil leaking just on top of the exaust.   now i was thinking of tightening  the two bolts on the head cover  to see if that will fix the issue  but does any one know the torque range for those bolts,  i will hate to do any more damage and im tryng to avoid having to open anything up 

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