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Need to tint my v2h t-sport fairing.

So I recently purchased a t-sport fairing from Villain2hero which has been a pain from the get go. Currently trying to get my windshield tinted since they supply you with two clear ones and no option to have them tinted prior to arrival. Since it’s plexiglass some places sound unsure of doing it or recommend against it. So basically I’m asking if anyone knows of a place that can tint the windshield without jacking it up or know of a place that might have pretinted windshields compatable with v2h t-sport fairings? Preferably North county San Diego area.




Check with v2h to make sure your fairing has a acrylic, not a polycarbonate windscreen. If so, a good automotive tint shop can apply film to the inside of the screen. Poly out-gasses to much and will cause bubbles in the film.

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buy some tint and do it yourself

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