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Need tires

I'm looking to put my first set of new tires on my 2014 V Star 1300 Deluxe I've been running dunlop's for the past few years I like them but I'm wondering what other guys are running anybody have any suggestions what you like and what you don't like can I go a different size perhaps if I have to?




Rodgerd, Nothing wrong with Dunlop's. Never had a problem with them. I have a Goldwing, I put Bridgestone on it. That's what came on it originally. So if it's good enough for Honda, it's good enough for me

Dunlop's are a good tire - I put Michelin Commander II's on my 1100 last year which I really like

commander II

if you are from canada

i got mine for $100 cheaper than home dealer

commander II

I've always run Dunlop Elite 3's on Hildr the Valkyrie. The next set will be Elite 4's (Elite 3's have been discontinued). Kinda pricey, put no problems to date.

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