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need wide highway crash bar

I am looking for an oval 36" wide crash bar like I had on my 2000 Honda 1100 ACE Tourer.   I am 81 and if my 535 LB  2003 Suzuki 1400 Intruder falls over, I would be able to right it from about 45 degrees. I have a hard time carrying a 5 gal. water bottle in from the car and puttintg it atop the water cooler.  FWIW, I carry a pool cue bag containing 4 12" 1/2" pipe nipples and rigid conduit pipe collars.  One nip is flattened and curved to fit the driveshaft housing or swing arm, lined with leather belt and Shu Goo   Another has a piece of pool noodle on it to protect paint and another a bike hand grip.
It gives me a 4' leverage on the swingarm to right it, but I can't even use it to right my Kawasaki W-650 from flat on the ground.  Nobody costom makes any that I can find.




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